Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Yesterday´s FOTD!~

Hello everyone!

Today, I want to show you a quick FOTD which is inspired by the warm autumn colours and the colder getting season.
I wore this Make-up yesterday but I forgot to post it in my last blog entry. 
So, here is my belated "Autumn Season FOTD"!

Eyes: Catrice "070 Mr. Copper´s Fields",
           Essence Metallic Eye Pencil "03 Iron Goddness",
      Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara 

     Lips: Miss Sporty Lipstick "121 Big Love"

Have a great and creepy Halloween Night!

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Weekend Activities!~

Hi everyone!

On Friday, I had my regular japanese lessons in the afternoon and after that I met my boyfriend and a friend to go to my favourite Bubble Tea Store. It´s always delicious!

We went shopping in the city and found some cool bargains!
Here they are:

I bought this beautiful printed blouse at H&M. I love the horse pattern and I was happy that I could save 10€ with the sale price. I only had to pay 10€ then!

I also went to a drugstore to check out a cosmetic brand called "Rival de Loop". I was surprised that their products are that cheap! I decided to buy those 3 nailpolishes. I love the rosty pink, minty and the greeny blue colours! Each of them had only cost 1.50€! 

I also seperated out some of my jewellery and I found those awesome dragonfly and bee brooches in my cases! I looove them and I will wear them more now because they´re manufactured so detailed!

Today, my family and I, we went for a little walk through a botanical garden where all trees had those beautiful autumn coloured leaves. Just awesome and those colours are so inspirational, I think!

There also was this little cat which was sooo affectionated. I love cats, so I was happy that there was such a cute one. But as soon as I wanted to take a photo, the cutie left.

After that we also visited an old and shut down churchyard. From the 17th until the 19th century it was activated, so all graves and gravestones are soo beautiful! Such graveyards are always a bit creepy but I love them anyway!

Next week, I have a week free from school because of the autumn half-term!
How was your weekend and if you also have vacation, what are you going to do?

Thanks for reading! Bye!~

Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

Second Hand Shop & Fleamarket Haul!

Hello everyone!

As I promised yesterday, I today will show you my latest Second Hand Shop and Fleamarket findings!

Last week, on Saturday, I went to my favourite Second Hand Store here in my town. There, I found some very great things for all in all only 3.50€! Great!

I found this awesome wildleather blouse there. It has such a great material, is really warm and perfect for winter. I got it for only 2.50€!

I found this cool forest green leather belt there, too! I love the colour and the golden details. It had only cost 1€!

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I, we went to a huge fleamarket here in my region. We found some great things for cheap prices there! I loooove fleamarkets!

First, I got two golden brooches. I think they are perfect to pin on coats or blazers, they really can upgrade an outfit. The golden leopard one had cost 5€ and the leaf-shaped one 2.50€!

I also got those awesome leather gloves! I searched for some warm gloves for winter, so I  found those greenish brown ones for only 2€!

Last but not least, I finally got the cat canvas bag! I wanted to have such a kind of bag for months! I looove the cat print on it and I think that it´s perfect to carry books or folders. I got it for 3.50€

Hope you´d liked my little second hand and fleamarket haul!

I except that there will be a big fleamarket again in the next time and that I found more second hand shops in the future because I love shopping at those places!

Have a great evening! Bye!~

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

New Hairstyle & Favourite Movie ♥

Hi everyone!

After a little break, I`m back with a little blog post!

I washed my hair yesterday and thought, I could try a new hairstyle, so I blowdried my hair and did nothing more! I really liked the result, so I decided to do that hairstyle more often.

Yesterday afternoon, I went shopping with my friend Renée and in the evening, we watched "Coco Chanel - Der Beginn einer Leidenschaft" which is a film based on Gabrielle Chanel´s alias Coco Chanel´s biographie. I really love the film and of course Audrey Tautou which plays the main role. I really can recommend that movie!

I bought this beautiful ring from H&M. I love the colours and I think, the ring looks like it had cost more than 5€!

Some days earlier, I also went to town to buy some thicker pants for winter. I went to H&M and found those little high waisted ones in black. They´re really comfortable and warm. They had cost 30€.

I also went to my local drugstore and bought a new nailpolish again. I chose a beautiful rusty orange colour from essence. It`s called "64 be optimistic!" and had only cost 1.50€.

So, that´s all for today! 
Tomorrow, I will write a blog post about my latest second hand shop and fleamarket findings!

Good night!~

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Collective Haul!

Hi everyone!

Finally I´m back with a little collective Haul!

This week was really busy and I had a hard schedule! 
I was just about to write an application for employment in a big publishing house here in my region! I´m so excited! This week, I will go to the photographer to take an application photo for that. I don´t know what to wear yet!

I didn´t buy a lot of things in the last few weeks but there were anyway some cool items.

First, I needed to buy a new winter coat. I used my old black one for more than 3 years and I wanted to have a golden beige one. I went to H&M because they always have the best ones, I think.
I decided to buy a golden brown one which is shaped like a trench coat. It´s a really warm and comfy coat and is made out of 60% of wool. I paid only 40 € which is a really good price for a winter coat.

Yesterday, I went to Freiburg with my boyfriend to go shopping. There we found a little tea shop which had a bunch of different types of teas.In winter times, I really love to drink tea, especially green, white or black teas. I decided to try out a "Kusmi Tea" which is one of the best french blend teas. 
I bought "Anastasia" which is a Russian blend tea of China and Ceylon teas with scents of bergamot, lemon, lime and organge blossoms. I´m excited to try it out!

Last Friday, my friend Naomi gave me some beauty items which her sister gave to her. She works for a drugstore and once a year the shop assistants get some beauty product which are running out of stock.

I decided to take this things:
Thank you, Naomi!
  • p2 "3D PrettyLace" Nail Sticker in "030 Pretty Lace"
  • p2 "Nailpolish" in "510 Virgin"
  • p2 "Lip Cream" in "Rita Hayworth"
  • p2 "Lipstick" in "030 Stylish" (LE)
  • p2 "Lipstick" in "060 Nathan Road" (Back-up)
  • Manhattan "Lipgloss" in "52D" (LE)

Finally, I want to show you my new nailpolish from "ANNY" "369 green racing drag" on my nails. I simply looooove the colour! It´s exactly what I wanted to have! 

Hope you´d liked my little collective Haul! Good night!~

Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Open Sunday & Fleamarket Findings / Mum´s Giveaway

Hi everyone!

Today was a "Open Sunday" here in my region, so my boyfriend and I went there to go shopping. There were such a growd of people, so we decided to look through all the shops we wanted to go and then go for a little walk.
Accidentally, we found a little fleamarket where I bought a elegant long necklace.

I really like this golden pearl necklace. It´s one of my first long necklaces because I always wear short and heavy ones. It´s from this fleamarket and I only paid 1€ for it!

In a drugstore, I bought my first "expensive" nailpolish. It´s from "anny" and is called "369 green racing drag". It´s a beautiful warm forest green colour which is perfect for the autumn/winter season. It had cost 10€.

My mum cleared out her make-up case today and found those creamy eyeshadows. She never used them a lot, so she gave them to me. I really like the two colours. The first one is a shimmery purple brown and is called "50 sterling rose". The golden bronze one is called "60 antique bronze". I think that these eyeshadows are also perfect as a base colour for eye make-ups. 

Hope you´d liked my little haul! Bye!~

Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Vienna Haul & Hairstyle Tip

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I promised that I will post a Vienna Haul today. 

I dind´t bought that much because I hadn´t enought freetime during our busy schedule! So, I only went to shops which I havn´t here in my region, like Forever 21 and some second hand shops. One day, as we visited Bratislava, I also bought two lipsticks.

First, I bought this beautiful ethno shirt from Forever 21. I really love its shape and its colours. The shirt had cost 15€.

It was my first time in a Forever 21 store and I was suprised how big the shoes and jewellery section is! I needed a lot of time to see all their awesome and cheap accesoires. 
At the end, I decided to buy this big pearl ring. I like the shape of this ring and I´m amazed that this one had only cost 4€!

 I also bought this little antique gold necklace whose pendant looks like an arrow. I always wanted to own such a tiny necklace because I often have big and heavy ones. It had only cost 3€!

I also wanted to check out some second hand/vintage stores in Vienna,of course, so I searched two of them. I found the first store accidentally and I was so happy that I found such a nice colourfull cloth there. It even has the "Hermès"- emblem on it but I don´t think that it´s a real one. It had only cost 8€!

I also found another second hand shop which was a little bit away from Vienna city, so I took the tube to get there. 
It was a cute little shop with a nice shop assistant. There, I found a cute and a little transparent shirt with an ethno emlem on it. It has also some bat sleeves which I realy like. It´s a bit big, so I decided to wear it with a waist belt or something like that. It was about 8€.

I got some make-up there, too. During our trip to Bratislava, I went to a drugstore which we also have here in my hometowm but I was curious if they have some other make-up than in the slovakian stores.
I bought two beautiful coloured lipstick from "Miss Sporty". The package says that it´s a brand made in UK but I never heard of this one before. Each of them had only cost 2€!

"121 Big Love"

"056 Killer Heels"

The two lipsticks smell like fruits and they last sooo long on your lips! Great products!

Today, I went to our city with my mum to go shopping. I had to buy some drugstore things and I accidentally noticed that H&M had new SALE products!

I bought a maxi rose coloured summer dress which bat sleeves. I love the pleated skirt part and its light golden rose drapery. The dress was reduced from 30€ to only 10€!

I had to buy a new moisturized lip care, so I bought "bebe young care classic" which is a really good and cheap product against dry lips.
I got rid of my topcoat nailpolish, so I decided to try a new one. It´s from essence again but was a little cheaper than the "better than gel nails top sealer", so I thought I try this out.

On You Tube, I watched a lot of videos in which girls talked about MAC "Satin Taupe" Dupes. All of them recommended Catrice´s "400 My First Copperware Party". It´s a taupe coloured copper with a really smooth texture. I decided to try this out because it only cost 2.80€.

Last but not least I have a hairstyling tip for you. Today before school, I thought I could spice up my braided pigtail with a black satin ribbon and voilà!: that´s the result!

I also tried out my new crackling nailpolish fot the first time. I like the result but I still find it a little creepy! The ring is a corall coloured one from H&M.

Hope you´d liked my post and you have a nice evening! Bye!~

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Vienna Impressions

Hello everyone!

I´m back with my Vienna impressions!

I went there next-to-last Sunday until last Saturday with my class. We went there because of a field excursion in my school and I was voted to go to Vienna. I had loved to visit London because of its bunch of second hand stores and fleamarkets but you can´t always get what you want...

We arrived in Vienna after a 12 hour train drive!!! I was sooo tired and the schedule started immediately after we dumped our luggage in our hotel room!

We started with a first own sightseeing tour but we had a professional one a few days later.

We also visited "Schloss Belvedere" and "Schloss Schönbrunn" which are two awesome pompous castles.

One day, we went to the two biggest graveyards in Vienna. They were enormous and one of them had such a surface as my hometown!

Another day, we went to Bratislava, Slowakia which was only 1 hour away from Vienna City. There, I bought two lipstick which I really love!

Every evening, you had the chance to visit an opera, a concert or a theatre.
I went along 3 times and the programm was awesome because Vienna is famous for its special and top-class stages!

The first evening, I went to the "Volksoper" to watch "Rigoletto" which is a famous traditional play.
On Tuesday, I went to the " Volkstheater" to see "Struwwelpeter" which is a famous german sarcastic children´s book. It was an awesome production with a gorgeous singer!
The last evening, the whole class went to the "Volksoper" again to watch "Wiener Blut". This opera is the most famous viennese one. The only problem I had with this play was, that I sometimes couldn´t understand what they were saying! The whole opera is spoken and sung in a viennese accent!
All in all, I can say that Vienna is an awesome and worth seeing town and I can recommend everyone to come there once if you don´t live too far away from there!

And now some pictures! 
I´m sorry because I only could took photos on the first two days! My camera broke just after the second day...

Hope you´d enjoyed reading my impressions entry!
Tomorrow, I will continue my Vienna post with a fashion and make-up haul!

Have a nice evening! Good night!~