Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Vienna Haul & Hairstyle Tip

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I promised that I will post a Vienna Haul today. 

I dind´t bought that much because I hadn´t enought freetime during our busy schedule! So, I only went to shops which I havn´t here in my region, like Forever 21 and some second hand shops. One day, as we visited Bratislava, I also bought two lipsticks.

First, I bought this beautiful ethno shirt from Forever 21. I really love its shape and its colours. The shirt had cost 15€.

It was my first time in a Forever 21 store and I was suprised how big the shoes and jewellery section is! I needed a lot of time to see all their awesome and cheap accesoires. 
At the end, I decided to buy this big pearl ring. I like the shape of this ring and I´m amazed that this one had only cost 4€!

 I also bought this little antique gold necklace whose pendant looks like an arrow. I always wanted to own such a tiny necklace because I often have big and heavy ones. It had only cost 3€!

I also wanted to check out some second hand/vintage stores in Vienna,of course, so I searched two of them. I found the first store accidentally and I was so happy that I found such a nice colourfull cloth there. It even has the "Hermès"- emblem on it but I don´t think that it´s a real one. It had only cost 8€!

I also found another second hand shop which was a little bit away from Vienna city, so I took the tube to get there. 
It was a cute little shop with a nice shop assistant. There, I found a cute and a little transparent shirt with an ethno emlem on it. It has also some bat sleeves which I realy like. It´s a bit big, so I decided to wear it with a waist belt or something like that. It was about 8€.

I got some make-up there, too. During our trip to Bratislava, I went to a drugstore which we also have here in my hometowm but I was curious if they have some other make-up than in the slovakian stores.
I bought two beautiful coloured lipstick from "Miss Sporty". The package says that it´s a brand made in UK but I never heard of this one before. Each of them had only cost 2€!

"121 Big Love"

"056 Killer Heels"

The two lipsticks smell like fruits and they last sooo long on your lips! Great products!

Today, I went to our city with my mum to go shopping. I had to buy some drugstore things and I accidentally noticed that H&M had new SALE products!

I bought a maxi rose coloured summer dress which bat sleeves. I love the pleated skirt part and its light golden rose drapery. The dress was reduced from 30€ to only 10€!

I had to buy a new moisturized lip care, so I bought "bebe young care classic" which is a really good and cheap product against dry lips.
I got rid of my topcoat nailpolish, so I decided to try a new one. It´s from essence again but was a little cheaper than the "better than gel nails top sealer", so I thought I try this out.

On You Tube, I watched a lot of videos in which girls talked about MAC "Satin Taupe" Dupes. All of them recommended Catrice´s "400 My First Copperware Party". It´s a taupe coloured copper with a really smooth texture. I decided to try this out because it only cost 2.80€.

Last but not least I have a hairstyling tip for you. Today before school, I thought I could spice up my braided pigtail with a black satin ribbon and voilà!: that´s the result!

I also tried out my new crackling nailpolish fot the first time. I like the result but I still find it a little creepy! The ring is a corall coloured one from H&M.

Hope you´d liked my post and you have a nice evening! Bye!~

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