Samstag, 27. August 2011

Hamburg Impressions, OOTD, Shopping Haul...

Hi there!

I´m back from Hamburg! It was a great week there!

First, our hotel was amazing! It´s called "Le Royal Meridien" and is the only one in Hamburg which has 5 stars plus. Our room was very stylish and had amazing lightning behind the bed, also in the whole hotel, you could find a lot of modern art. The restaurant, in which we ate breakfast in the morning, was placed directly in front of the Alster River, so you could have a perfect view over Hamburg even in the morning after waking up!

I also took some photos of our hotel room and the view outside.

Awesome bath tub in our room. I love mint!

Great lightning behind our bed!

View out of our hotel room.

Hotel Entrance

We saw a lot of interesting places there, for example the huge harbour, the "Außen"- and "Binnenalster" and some other places to hang out. I took a lot of photos, so I show you the best ones.

Here, we started our harbour tour!

Crazy buildings, right?

Now, I´m gonna show you my shopping findings I found in several stores like H&M, Monki, Mango but also in Vintage stores.

Before I went to Hamburg, I bought the last LE Catrice Nailpolish "650 Goldfinger". It had cost only 3€ and this evening, I will paint my nails with it.

The first shop I went in Hamburg was the Monki store in the main shopping street "Mönckebergstraße". It wasn´t allowed to take photos inside, so I took one outside. You can see the bright and colourful interior anyway.

First, I bought a simple light shirt with 3/4 arms. I love the greenish blue colour and it matches perfectly to my recent haircolor. It had cost 10€.

 This shirt is simple but I love it! It´s a mix between a t-shirt and a tanktop and I like the print on it which says that "this isn´t a dress". The shirt had cost 15€.

I got this goldish beige slim pants in a Mango store. They got the perfect fit for me and are very comfortable. They had only cost 20€.

The second evening, we ate in a local pizzeria and after our dinner, I found a little asia shop. There I bought two flavours of Pocky which is a japanese candy and a little bag of dried mango. I also found a hand and body soap with rose smell which had only cost 80ct!

The next to last day, we went to the vintage store I searched for in the internet before our trip. It´s called "Espace Killiwatch" and is one of the best Vintage/Second Hand Shops in Hamburg. The shop was really difficult to find in the bsaement of the high-end departement store "Galleria". I spend almost 2 hours in this shop because they had sooo much clothes, cloths, bag, shoes and accesoires.

There, I bought this beautiful vintage handbag in crocodile leather optics. I have a lot of different leather handbags but I did´nt own one in such a beige caramel colour. I simply love this bag! It had cost 25€.

I certainly bought a new "Hermès- inspired" cloth there, too. You know that I have several ones in a lot of differtent colours but I never had one in this beautiful golden colours. I paid 15€ for this.

Last but not least, I went to H&M to buy this awesome headband which is perfect for cold and windy winterdays. It matched perfectly to my haircolour and I like its material. It had cost 6€.

After shopping, we went to Starbucks to relax a little bit. I had a Mango-Passionfruit Frappuccino and a big chocolat cookie. Delicious!

The last day, just before we left by train, I found another Vintage/Second Hand Shop near the city. It was an amzing shop but I didn´t had enough time to look trough all their clothes but I took some photos.

This jacket is simply amazing but so heavy, almost 2 kg, I would say and had cost 60€. If it was cheaper, maybe I had bought it.

On this big shopping day, I wore my new Promod shirt I got in Sale for 7€, so I made a OOTD in front of our hotel.

Lace Biker Jacket: H&M
Shirt: Promod
Chino Pants: H&M
Shoes: Deichmann
Bag: Longchamp
Accesoires: H&M, No brand, Vintage

Hope you´d enjoyed my impressions of Hamburg! I really loved this 4 days there and I hope I can go there again!

Have a nice day! Bye!

Montag, 22. August 2011

Let´s Go to Hamburg!

Hi guys!

I´m back with a little announcement! 
Tomorrow at 5 o´clock, I´ll start my little trip to Hamburg with my mum and my brother. We arrive there at 12 o´clock, so it´s a really long train trip. We drive first class with the ICE, so it´s very comfortable!
We spend 4 days there, so I´m back on Friday.

There, we will make a city sightseeing tour by bus and by boat, visit museums and go shopping.
Of course, I will go to the Monki store I told you some weeks ago and I will search some Vintage/Second Hand Shops in Hamburg.

Now, I will finish to pack my suitcase and I hope that I don´t forget anything!

See you soon! Have a nice week!~

P.S As soon as I´m back, I will show you my shopping findings and give you some impressions from Hamburg!

Freitag, 19. August 2011

H&M Magazin Autumn 2011

Hi there!

Today, I will show you some screenshots of the newest H&M Magazine I got yesterday in my local store for free.
I really like their magazines because they always have a great design and interessting articles.
In this magazine, H&M shows the new autumn collections and the new trends for this season.

There´s also an article written by Susie Bubbles who is one of the best known fashion bloggers in the UK. She shows us the best fashion and vintage hotspots in East London and the best places and bars to hang out.

In this magazine are 3 big photoshoots,too. In each of them, H&M presents the new autumn trends in trendy locations with cool models.

Have still a nice day!~ Bye!

P.S.: I almost forgot to say that I died my hair on Tuesday! The result is great I think because the colour didn´t changed my previous hair colour but rather refreshed it, exacly how I wanted it to be!