Montag, 27. Juni 2011

FOTD 27/06/2011

Hello Everyone!

Today, I have a little FOTD with a new tested hairstyle for you. I really like this because it´s really unpleasant if you have long hair hanging down your shoulders when it´s really hot outside. So, I thought I stick my hair to a little bun, so the shoulders and the neck are free.
For this hairstyle, I used something like a padded ring which I wrapped around my hair after I made a high pigtail. Then I fixed the hair with some bobby pins and the hairstyle was finished!

I also went to the drugstore to buy some new lotions for my body and for my face and a shampoo.

This shampoo is from Herbal Essences and has rasberry and silk essences in it. It´s perfect for middle or long hair with split ends.

This vanishing creme is from Balea and is especially made to moisturize your skin. This creme contains essences from lotus blossoms.

This bodylotion is from Balea as well and contains essences from milk and honey, so it´s especially for dry skin which needs to be moisturized.

Bye! Have a nice day!~

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

Little Haul 22/06/2011

Hi everyone!

Today, I have a little Haul for you again because yesterday, I went to Strasbourg (France) with my boyfriend.
I couldn´t handle it to post the blogpost yesterday, so I do it today.
In France, the SALE time started yesterday, so we went there to get some bargains. All stores have reductions from 50% to soometimes 70%!
Everywhere were such a crowd of people and if you wanted to try clothes on, you had to wait in front of the cabines for hours.
To escape from those turbulences, we went to a tiny Second Hand Shop where I found a cute leather handbag.

This handbag were fabricated in South Corea and I really like the branding on it. It had only cost 5€.

I got this 50s inspired dress blouse from the Mango Shop there. It was reduced 50% from 50€ to 25€.
I really like the colour and the shape.

And last but not least, I finally found a pinkish strawberry red nailpolish. It´s from Catrice and had cost 2.50€. It lasts a long time and has a beautiful glossy finish.

Bye! Have a nice day!~

Montag, 20. Juni 2011

OOTD/FOTD 20/06/2011

Hi everyone!

Today, I have a new OOTD and FOTD for you. I wore, for the first, time my new beautiful khaki chino pants from H&M. I really like them and the colour. 
Hope you´ll like that outfit!

Blouse: New Yorker
Chino Pants: H&M
Sandals: H&M
Bag: Secondhand
Accesoires: H&M, Bijoux Brigitte, Vintage

Eyes: essence Eyeliner Pencil, essence Quattro 04 Sixties Reloaded (rose), p2 eyeshadow palette 020 morning dew (rose)
Lips: p2 130 Kö
Cheeks: p2 mineral Blush 020 sweet rose
Nails: essence 13 iced mint frappé (Toenailpolish)

Wish you a good evening! Bye!~

Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

OOTD/ FOTD 17/06/2011

Hello everyone!

Today, I finally have a new OOTD for you. It contains almost only H&M clothes beneath my new golden tiger shirt, I bought yesterday. Hope you´ll like my outfit.

Golden Tiger Shirt: H&M
Shorts with Belt: H&M
Bag: Longchamp
Shoes: H&M
 Accesoires: H&M, Longchamp, Vintage

My Make-up today is really natural and one of my everyday ones. For the first time, I tried out the lipstick my best friend gave to me. It´s from "Gipiccos" and is called "129, Delight". It´s a light apricot nude and I really like the colour.

Have a nice day!

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Again A Little Haul 16/06/2011

Hi everyone!

Today, my boyfriend and I went to the city again being on the outlook for a mint coloured nailpolish. I searched for many weeks but I never couldn´t find one. We went to H&M and to my beloved Second Hand Shop, too.
At the end of our little shopping tour, I found some nice things.

This 2€ nailpolish from essence finally had the colour I searched for. It´s a beautiful creamy pastel mint which should stay a few days on the nails without dropping of because of its extra texture for toe nailpolish.

I got this shirt from H&M and I really like it because of its interesting print in front. The metallic colour of the tiger is so gorgeous and the shirt had only cost 5€ in sale.

And now, one of my new second hand shop findings. These are beautiful old moccasin shoes which I finally found in my size in such a shop because mostly all the shoes there are really big and I need EU 36. These shoes had only cost 4€, they´re so comfortable and a good alternative to all my plateau sandals.

Another bargain I made, is this beautiful Burberry inspired cloth. It´s a little smaller than other cloths, so you can wrap it around your neck with a little knot to look a bit like a stewardess. It had only cost 50ct!

Have all a nice remaining day! Bye!~

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

Little Haul 15/06/2011

Hello everyone!

Today, I went shopping with my boyfriend in Freiburg and I found some really cool things.
The first shop we went was the LUSH Shop there. I searched for a new soap because my "Ring of Roses" which I really love is going to vanish, so I need a new one.
This time, I bought "Honey, I washed the kids" which smells like honey and sweet caramell. 
They always give free samples if you buy something there, so that time I got a fixed shampoo called "Seanik" which is  for thin hair.

After that, we went to a pound shop, here in Germany we call this a "1-Euro-Laden".
There I found some ethno inspired earrings which I really like. They are a little heavy but it´s ok.

Yesterday, my best friend Renée gave me a beautiful coloured lipstick her mother brought from Munich.
This lipstick is from an italian brand called "Gipiccos". I never heard of it but the colour is really pretty.

Have a nice evening!~ Bye!

Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

OOTD/ FOTD 11/06/11

Hello everyone!

Today, I finally make a new blog post what I havn´t done many days ago. So today, I visited my boyfriend.
We went shopping and we ate lunch in a very delicious Thai Restaurant named "Chada Thai". 
I ordered "Sate Gai" which are chicken splits in a spicy peanut- curry sauce. I was very good! My boyfriend ordered "Tom Gai" which is a coconut soup with different vegetables in it.
It was the first time I ate Thai Food and I really loved it, so next time I will go to eat there again!

Animal Shirt: H&M
Chino Pants: H&M
Laced Blazer: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Vintage
Jewelry: H&M, Bijoux Brigitte, Second Hand

Eyes: essence Eyelinerpen, essence Quattro (Sixties Reloaded 04), Catrice, Welcome to Miami Peach 100, Mr. Copper´s Fields 070
Cheeks: p2 mineral compact blush, Sweet Rose 020
Lips: p2, Sunset Boulevard 020

Hope you liked my Outfit and my Make-up!
Bye! Have A Nice Evening!~

Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

OOTD 3/6/2011 // Little Haul

Hello everybody!

Today, I went to the amusement park which is in our town since a few days with some friends.
We also went shopping and I found some things I already wanted some weeks ago.
It was a really nice and sunny day. But sometimes a little too hot...

Striped Top: H&M
Chino Pants: H&M
Accesoires: Secondhand, H&M, Harald Glööckler
Bag: Vintage
Peeptoes: Deichmann

I looove this Nailpolish! It´s a really metallic purple with a beautiful greenish shimmer. It´s from essence and had only cost 1.25€.

Those amazing Plateau Sandals are from H&M and I adored them many days ago. They are super comfortable and sooo beautiful. They had cost 40€.
This earring set is also from H&M and I love the white and and the golden ones. The amber coloured look a bit tacky but they´re also nice. The set had only cost 4.95€.

Have a nice day! Bye~