Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Again A Little Haul 16/06/2011

Hi everyone!

Today, my boyfriend and I went to the city again being on the outlook for a mint coloured nailpolish. I searched for many weeks but I never couldn´t find one. We went to H&M and to my beloved Second Hand Shop, too.
At the end of our little shopping tour, I found some nice things.

This 2€ nailpolish from essence finally had the colour I searched for. It´s a beautiful creamy pastel mint which should stay a few days on the nails without dropping of because of its extra texture for toe nailpolish.

I got this shirt from H&M and I really like it because of its interesting print in front. The metallic colour of the tiger is so gorgeous and the shirt had only cost 5€ in sale.

And now, one of my new second hand shop findings. These are beautiful old moccasin shoes which I finally found in my size in such a shop because mostly all the shoes there are really big and I need EU 36. These shoes had only cost 4€, they´re so comfortable and a good alternative to all my plateau sandals.

Another bargain I made, is this beautiful Burberry inspired cloth. It´s a little smaller than other cloths, so you can wrap it around your neck with a little knot to look a bit like a stewardess. It had only cost 50ct!

Have all a nice remaining day! Bye!~

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