Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Book Review: "Vintage Fashion - Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics 1900-1990"

 Hello everyone!

Recently, I´m really busy with learning for my "A levels"! I´m so excited because they will start in only a month! I hope evrything will be fine!

Today, I have a little book review for you! I actually also wanted to show you another book and a DVD but I havn´t received them yet. I ordered them on the internet and there are some delivery problems.

The book I´m going present is about the fashion and the styles from the past century, from 1900 to 1990.
The pictures and the illustrations show typical shapes, colours, fabrics or pattern from each decade. The annexed texts explain each chapter very detailed and articulately.

 I took some pictures from the interior to show you some details!

The last thing I´m going to show you is this awesome nailpolish! I bought it from the new Catrice collection and it´s called "Genious In The Bottle". It´s a mixture between gold, green and blue and this changing colour reminds me a lot of the Chanel "531 Peridot" from their latest make-up collection! This one is much cheaper (around 3€) and looks exactly like the Chanel one, I think!

Hope you´d liked this review and I wish you all a great start into the new week!
Love, Julia ♥

Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Collective Fashion & Beauty Haul!

Hello everyone!

 Today, I have a collective fashion haul for you!

I bought this acquirements within some weeks. They contain my online order from H&M and some bargains from my shopping tour in Strasbourg, France!

Hope you´ll like the things I got!

First, I got these cute black shorts from H&M! I love the light fabric and the wearing comfort! I really like them because they aren´t that short and they are perfect for hot summer days! Last year, I already bought the same shorts in a beige and in a caramel colour! I got these black ones in sale for 10€ (20€)!

From H&M, I also got these awesome platform sandals! I really like the colour combination and the wearing comfort! They fit me perfectly and I got them in sale for 20€ (40€)!

One of my biggest bargains is that "Versace for H&M"- dress! I was shocked as I saw that H&M still sells some of the Versace pieces because I thought that everything is sold out after some hours! Fortunately, there was one dress left which was my size! I love this dress and I possibly will wear this on my graduation ceremony in June! I got this dress in sale for 60€ (130€)!!

For 3€ (4€), I got this golden wire ring with a jade-coloured stone on it! I love the colour and the design of this ring! The nailpolish I wear will be presented below!

The last H&M pieces I got are those gorgeous earrings! They remind me of some retro vintage ones from the 70s! I got them for 5€!

The next few things are from my Strasbourg tip with my mum on the weekend!

First, I got this secondhand shop purse! I really love the unique look and the possibility to wear it in two different ways! I only paid 5€!

In a KIKO store, I bought this beautiful matt finished burgundy red lipstick. It lasts really long and is very moisturising although it´s a matt one! I paid only 2€.

I also got this awesome pastel green nailpolish by KIKO. It´s caled "349 Light Olive Green" and I paid only 1.50€ for it!

In sale, I got these two awesome liquid liner in a golden and in a bronze colour! It´s a great alternative to black ones and they are awesome for special eye make-ups! Each of them only cost 1.80€!

The last thing I got is this cool bracelet from COS. I went to this shop for the first time and I really liked their clothes and accesoires! Because there is sale, I got this bronze metal bracelet for 6€ (12€)!

Hope you enjoyed my haul!

One of the next post will be another haul with books and dvd´s I got from a book store!

Have a nice evening and a good night!
Love, Julia ♥

Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

FOTW(eek) & Sushi Experiences!

Hello everyone!
Today, I had a free afternoon, so I decided to make some sushi!
I never tried this before, but the result was soo delicious!

 For preparing, I used the "Sushi Starter Kit" I got as Christmas present. It included sushi rice, rice vinegar, roasted seaweed, wasabi, gari (ginger), soy sauce and a bamboo mat.

First, I prepared the sushi rice! You can look up a recipe in the internet to know how it should be made!
After cooking, the rice had to cool down and in the meantime, I prepared the other ingredients!

The result looks kind of delicious and it tasted really good!

For filling, I used carrot, cucumber, avocado, paprika, tamago (egg) and mayonnaise!

I also have a FOTD for you today ! Well, it´s rather a FOTW(eek) because I wore it at the beginning of the week!
I used some colours to brighten up the darkness and coldness outside! Hope you´ll like it!

MNY Maybelline Eyeshadow "717"
essence Eyeshadw "27 Love Talk"
Catrice Lipstick "070 It´s Robin Wood!"

Have a nice weekend!
Love, Julia ♥

Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

OOTD & FOTD 09/02/2012

Hello everyone!

 Today, I have a little OOTD and FOTD for you!
It´s soo cold outside here in Germany, so there are some tips to keep you warm, also in such frosty winter days!

Headband: H&M
Shawl: Secondhand
Gloves: Secondhand
Coat: H&M
Pants: H&M
Wedges: New Look
Bag: Longchamp

Catrice Liquid Liner "040 Go, Get Bronzed!"
Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick "070 It´s Robin Wood"

Necklace: H&M
Hope you had a nice and not that cold day!
Love, Julia ♥