Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Collective Fashion & Beauty Haul!

Hello everyone!

 Today, I have a collective fashion haul for you!

I bought this acquirements within some weeks. They contain my online order from H&M and some bargains from my shopping tour in Strasbourg, France!

Hope you´ll like the things I got!

First, I got these cute black shorts from H&M! I love the light fabric and the wearing comfort! I really like them because they aren´t that short and they are perfect for hot summer days! Last year, I already bought the same shorts in a beige and in a caramel colour! I got these black ones in sale for 10€ (20€)!

From H&M, I also got these awesome platform sandals! I really like the colour combination and the wearing comfort! They fit me perfectly and I got them in sale for 20€ (40€)!

One of my biggest bargains is that "Versace for H&M"- dress! I was shocked as I saw that H&M still sells some of the Versace pieces because I thought that everything is sold out after some hours! Fortunately, there was one dress left which was my size! I love this dress and I possibly will wear this on my graduation ceremony in June! I got this dress in sale for 60€ (130€)!!

For 3€ (4€), I got this golden wire ring with a jade-coloured stone on it! I love the colour and the design of this ring! The nailpolish I wear will be presented below!

The last H&M pieces I got are those gorgeous earrings! They remind me of some retro vintage ones from the 70s! I got them for 5€!

The next few things are from my Strasbourg tip with my mum on the weekend!

First, I got this secondhand shop purse! I really love the unique look and the possibility to wear it in two different ways! I only paid 5€!

In a KIKO store, I bought this beautiful matt finished burgundy red lipstick. It lasts really long and is very moisturising although it´s a matt one! I paid only 2€.

I also got this awesome pastel green nailpolish by KIKO. It´s caled "349 Light Olive Green" and I paid only 1.50€ for it!

In sale, I got these two awesome liquid liner in a golden and in a bronze colour! It´s a great alternative to black ones and they are awesome for special eye make-ups! Each of them only cost 1.80€!

The last thing I got is this cool bracelet from COS. I went to this shop for the first time and I really liked their clothes and accesoires! Because there is sale, I got this bronze metal bracelet for 6€ (12€)!

Hope you enjoyed my haul!

One of the next post will be another haul with books and dvd´s I got from a book store!

Have a nice evening and a good night!
Love, Julia ♥

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