Sonntag, 27. November 2011

OOTD 25/11/2011 and Some Other Things!

Hello everyone!

Today, I have a new OOTD for you! I wore it on Friday but I havn´t found time yet to post it.
I wore my new comfortable poncho cardigan from H&M. I got it for 5€ in sale instead of 30€!

Black Poncho: H&M
Horse Blouse: H&M
Black Pants: H&M
Brick Red Booties: H&M
Accesoires: H&M, New Yorker, Second Hand

Yesterday, I bought this beautiful top coat with a lot of golden glitter in it. It´s so cool, I think and perfect for christmas of new year!
I got the golden leaf brooch today on a little christmas market. I paid 1€ for it!

This week, I also bought this mauve coloured midi skirt from H&M. I really like the colour and its fit but I don´t know yet which of my shoes match with it?!

Have a nice evening and tomorrow a good start into the new week!

Freitag, 18. November 2011

OOTD 18/11/2011

Hello everyone!

Today again an OOTD! I wore my new cord pants and on the lips the limited edition lipstain from essence for the first time! Looove both of them!

Light Blazer: H&M
Blindled Shirt: New Look
Cord Pants: Takko
Laced Boots: Shoe 4 you
Necklace: H&M
Belt: Second Hand

For the first time, I got a lipstain in a beautiful colour. It´s a darker berry purple and I think that´s a perfect colour for autumn! I got the lipstain from the limited edition"Vampire´s Love", perfect because of the opening night of the new "Twilight"-movie. I had only paid 2€ for it! 

These cord pants are another favourite of mine! They fit me perfectly and they have a great autumn colour. I have searched a long time for cord pants, but never found ones! I´m happy that I bought these for only 20€!

Now, I will make a cup of tea and eat some little chocolate cakes with it! Yummy!~
Have a great weekend!

Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

OOTD 16/11/2011

Hello everyone!

Today, I have a little OOTD for you! I havn´t posted one for weeks, I think!
So, today´s outfit is a bit romantic, nostalgic and great for autumn days. When I go outside, I will chose a printed scarf and my black winter coat.

Light Blazer: H&M
Rose Transparent Blouse: H&M
Pants: H&M
Loafers: Second Hand
Bag: Lollipops
Accesoires: Fleamarket, Second Hand, New Yorker

Today, I have a quiet relaxed day because I only have 2 hours of school and after that 1 hour of choir. In the afternoon, I have to learn for a French vocabulary test whis is gonna be written tomorrow, so I will make a cup of my favourite flavoured black tea while I´m learning.

Hope you also have a great time! Bye!~

Freitag, 11. November 2011

Finally, weekend!...

Hello everyone!

This week was busy and exausting! I was busy with school, homework and learning! I´m so happy that I have this weekend to relax, but well, just a little bit! 
Tomorrow, I have to learn again,... for my maths class test on Tuesday! I also have to finish my french reading "Antéchrista" and start working on a speech for school...

But, I found a little time to take some pictures, too to show you my other weekday activities!


I spend my last weekend with my boyfriend and my friend Samanda. I had a great time and after I came back home, I died my hair again to get back to my former colour. I again chose the colour "Herbstgold (autumn gold)" which is a bright amber red. I love the result!


My best friend Renée came back from her holiday in Turkey and we had a lot stuff to talk about... As a gift, she brought me some Turkish delight which is a sweet kind of gummy bear in different flavours. I had coconut, walnut and , surprising, rose tastes!


I had nothing special to do this day, but in the afternoon, I had to go to my maths private lessons...


In the afternoon, I went to town with my mum to do some shopping. I went to the drugstore to buy a new mascara and a new limited lipstick from p2. I chose the mascara I used for a lot of times. It´s from esseence called "multi action false lashes". The lipstick from p2 is called "020 legendary" and is a darker nude caramel brown. I just love this lipstick! I wore it the whole last weekdays because it has such a great permanency on the lips!


My mum brought me a cute long golden bird necklace from New Yorker and I changed my nailcolour into "18" from Rival de Loop. Just an awesome colour!


I had a normal school day with 4 lessons of art. I also wrote an art class test and went to my every-week japanese lessons. Again a busy day!

What did you do this week? 

Have a nice weekend, you all! Bye!~

Freitag, 4. November 2011

FOTD 04/11/2011

Hi everyone!

Today, I chose a simple romantic eye make-up, combined with my brown circle lenses. I really loved the result, so I show you some pictures. I also wore my new horse-printed blouse and my awesome ring from H&M. Hope you´ll like it!

Catrice Eyeshadow: "100 Welcome to Miami Peach" / "400 My First Copperware Party" 
Essence Eyeliner Pen
Essence Multi Action Mascara

Essence Lipstick "52 In the Nude"

During reading "Antéchrista" by Amélie Nothomb for my French class, I noticed that my current nailpolish colour matches perfectly to the colours of my ring. I looove it! It´s the nailpolish from "Rival de Loop" called "52".

Have a nice evening! Bye!~