Samstag, 24. September 2011

OOTD 24/09/2011

Hello everyone!

Today, just a quick OOTD! 
I´m really busy with packing all my things for Vienna, I hope I don´t forget anything important!
Tomorrow in the evening, at 8P.M, I´ll start my trip and I will be there not until 8A.M on Monday!
It will be a really long train drive...

Knitted Shirt: H&M
Pants: Mango
Wedges: New Look
Bag: Vintage
Belt: New Yorker
Accesoires: H&M, Fleamarket

Have a nice day though! Until next Saturday!

Freitag, 23. September 2011

パルティのバニラベージュHair Colour & a tiny Goodbye-Germany Haul!

Hello everyone!

Today after school, my boyfriend came to my house and I dyed his hair with パルティのバニラベージュHair Colour ( Palty Hair Colour - Vanilla Beige). 
We were a bit excited because we never tried foreign hair dye before. After mixing the colour with all the things which were in the package, I applied it easyly on his hair. After 30 minutes of waiting, he washed it out and took the protection oil which was in the package as well.
His hair looks great, I think, but on the following two before-and-after photos you can only see a little difference. The colour had perfectly bleached his roots and gave his hair a beautiful caramel beige colour!



We also went to our beloved second hand shop here in my town and I found something gorgeous! I bought a beige boyfriend blazer which fits me perfectly! It had only cost 6.50€!

A few days ago, I also bought a little beige belt with a golden clasp. It´s from sale at New Yorker and I only paid 3€ for it! I think this belt will be great as a waist belt on black dresses!

Have a great evening! Good night!~

P.S: From Sunday until next Saturday, I will be in Vienna, the capital of Austria, with my school. So, I won´t be able to post anything here, but I will write a blog entry after my trip! I hope I will find a lot of vintage things and that I will have a great time there!

Montag, 19. September 2011

Circle Lenses Tips and Tricks & Other Things

Hello everyone!

Today, I will show you how I wear my new Circle Lenses and which make-up I chose to give my eyes an extra asian doll look!

If you wear Circle Lenses or other coloured lenses, your eyes don´t need a lot of make-up to look beautiful. The focus is tend to your big, bright and colourful eyes, so a lot of make-up would damage the effect. 
When I´m wearing coloured lenses, I always just wear black eyeliner and mascara to give my eyes the special asian look. I only wear mascara on the upper lashes, so the effect is much more intense.

Today, I first wore a cloth because it was sooo cold outside! I chose my new Second Hand Shop one from Hamburg. I really love it!

I also bought new shampoo and conditioner from Herbal Essences. I always loved their shampoo, so I decided to buy the colour protection shampoo and the matching conditioner. Each of them had cost 2€.

In H&M, I bought a fake fur collar which you can wrap around your neck in winter days, so you can customize a simple black coat! It had only cost 15€!

Today, I wear a cool nailpolish by p2. It´s called "190 fancy" and it´s a cool royal blue metallic colour.


 Today, I bought my first crackling topcoat by p2, too. I really like the effect, so I tried it quickly on my latest nail colour. You can´t see it very well, so it´s much better when you use a brighter base colour.

I wish you a great evening! Good night!~

Samstag, 17. September 2011

OOTD / Circle Lenses Review / Beautyhaul

Hi everyone!

Today in the afternoon, I went to town with my boyfriend. It was a pretty hot and rainy day, so it wasn´t that great to stay outside. We ate ice cream, I bought some beauty stuff and we went home.

He also brought the "Angel Brown Circle Lenses" he ordered at for me. They are awesome! I had the green circle lenses from the same series before and the brown ones are a lot more natural to my real eye colour!

Before I show you the circle lenses, I will show you my todays outfit!

Skyblue Blouse: C&A
Pants: H&M
Wedges: New Look
Vintage Bag: Second Hand Shop, Hamburg
Accesoires: H&M, Second Hand, No Brand

And these are my new Circle Lenses! They have such a beautiful colour that matches perfectly to my natural eye colour and give my eyes that cute doll like look! We ordered 3 pairs of lenses there, so we got the shipping for free. I just paid 20€ for them and can use them for 1 year now.


The lenses came in those little bottles and I ordered a pair with vision because I normally wear glasses or natural lenses. The left lens has 4.00 diopter and the right one 3.75.

 All was packed in this cute fluffy animal printed pouch. They also send a lens case and a coupon with 15% for the next order.

I really can recommend! They are really fast with shipping (we waited only 1 week!) and their lenses are really confortable to wear!

I also bought a new make up foundation today. I chose the Catrice Photo Finish Liquid Foundation in the brightest colour 010 Sand Beige. I really like the high covering power but I´m a little afraid of the colour. I hope that it´s not that dark for my skin. It had cost 6.50€.

 I also bought new tweezers in a drugstore. Its shape is even perfect for little hair in the eyebrow zone and it was had only cost 1.80€.
Hope you´d liked my blog post today!
Have a nice weekend! Bye~

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Start of my last year in School! & New Nailpolish

Hi everyone!

This monday was the beginning of my last year in secondary school!
Now I have to learn for my final exams which are in March, so they are only 7 months left! I´m really nervous...
I have to write 4 exams. One in "German", "Maths", "English" and "Art"
There will also be a oral exam after that but I hadn´t to decide yet which subject I´m gonna choose.

So, today I went to town with my mum. We went to some drugstores and to H&M but there, I didn´t found something.
I just bought a new Catrice nailpolish from their new Limited Edition "Bohemia".
It´s a warm mud brown with a beautiful golden sparkle in it. I thought that this colour is perfect for Autumn.
I just paid 1.30€ instead of 2.50€ because I had some little coupons from that drugstore.

Hope you can see the beautiful colour well even though my camera isn´t that good!

Have a nice evening! Bye!~

Samstag, 10. September 2011

Circle Lenses & Korean Style / Tiny Haul

Hello everyone!

Today, I wore my green Circle Lenses I bought at the beginning of this year.
I bought them in the "ANGEL SERIES"  on I havn´t worn them many months but you can use them for 1 year!

Last evening, I thought that I could try a korean-girly-style inspired Make-up and Hairstyle, so I dug out the contact lenses the next morning and started to make this look. That´s the result! Hope you like this look!

Yesterday, I bought this limited eyeshadow duo from essence. It´s from the "50´s Girls reloaded" LE which isn´t  for sale anymore. I got this reduced in my local drugstore for only 2.45€! One colour is a beautiful sparkling golden beige and the other a dark royal blue. I really like those colours!

I got this dress yesterday in a new shop in my town. They had a lot of great clothes and I decided on this cute winter dress. It has cute puff sleeves and had cost 24€.

Last but not least, I got this cool leather belt in a second hand shop here. It had only cost 1€!

Have a great evening! Bye!~

Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

Ceci N´est Pas Une Robe! - OOTD 07/09/2011 Strasbourg Haul

Hello everyone!

Today, I went to Strasbourg to go shopping with my mum.
It was a nice but a little exhaustig because after driving by bus and then by tram, we walked several hours from shop to shop! 
I found some great items which I´m gonna to show you after my todays outfit!
I wore my new beloved Monki shirt I got in Hamburg. The print on it says: "That´s not a dress." It´s funny, isn´t it?

Blazer: Thrifted Mango
Shirt: Monki
Pants: H&M
Winter Wedges: New Look
Leather Bag: Second Hand


I got those beautiful earrings in a Bershka Shop in the big shopping center "Rivetoile". I never went to this shop before but now I´m glad to have this cool 5€ earrings.

Yes, I got a new handbag, too! I know that I have bought a lot second hand/vintage bags in the last months, but I couldn´t resist! *laugh* It´s from my favorite second hand shop in Strasbourg and had only cost 5€ like all their bags!

And last but not least, a cute winter dress from H&M. It´s made of a thick T-Shirt material, so it´s perfect for cold winter days on which you can wear thick knitted tights, beautiful cloths and booties. This dress had cost 20€ which is a great price, I think!

Hope you´d enjoyed my little Strasbourg Haul! Have a great time! Bye!~

Montag, 5. September 2011

FOTD / Favorite Nailpolish ♥

Hi there!

Today, I went to Offenburg with my mum and my brother to go eating at a delicious chinese restaurant and to go "shopping". 
Yeah! I didn´t find anything! Ok, Offenburg isn´t a big city but I always have found something little there.
Since we have a H&M in our city, there aren´t many more other shops where I can go in this other city! H&M is one of my favorite clothes shop, so I find mostly all of my clothes in my little city!

Because of that, I´m happy that I will go to Strasbourg on Wednesday with my mum, because this city is much more bigger and there are a lot of great shops!

For today, I can only show you my Make up in combination with my new beloved nailpolish from the new p2 Autumn/Winter collection. It´s a warm brick red with a nice brown shimmer. I really love that colour and I´m curious to see if the nailpolish will last 8 days on my nails without crumbeling like the ad says.

I also bought my first two green make up thing. I ever had! I thought, it matches great to my eye colour, so I decided to buy a green khaki eyeshadow from essence which was reduced to 0,95€ and a forest green kajal pencil from Catrice which was also reduced to 1.95€!

essence eyeshadow, "27 Love Talk"

Catrice Kajal Designer, "110 Deep Forest Green"

p2 last forever nail polish, "052 Goodnight Kiss". Picture on our balcony in sunlight.

 Picture in my room.

 I also have a FOTD for you in which I used the khaki eyeshadow. Hope you like it!

Have a nice evening! Hope you liked my "non-shopping Haul" blog post! Bye!~

Sonntag, 4. September 2011

Nothing special to tell you...

Hi guys!

I hadn´t something special to tell you or to show you , so I havn´t wrote a new blogpost yet.
The last week, I traveled around Baden-Württemberg with my boyfriend. We visited Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Freiburg. We had a great time there!
In each city, we tried their Bubble Tea, the famous "milkshake" from Asia I told you some time ago. But nowhere, the BBT was that delicious as in Freiburg!

I spend this weekend with my brother and my dad, we went walking on Saturday and visited the "Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame" a Strasbourg on Sunday.

Tomorrow, I will go to Offenburg to eat lunch in a delicious China Restaurant there and to go shopping. Hope I´ll find something nice to show you then!

Have a nice evening! Bye!~