Samstag, 17. September 2011

OOTD / Circle Lenses Review / Beautyhaul

Hi everyone!

Today in the afternoon, I went to town with my boyfriend. It was a pretty hot and rainy day, so it wasn´t that great to stay outside. We ate ice cream, I bought some beauty stuff and we went home.

He also brought the "Angel Brown Circle Lenses" he ordered at for me. They are awesome! I had the green circle lenses from the same series before and the brown ones are a lot more natural to my real eye colour!

Before I show you the circle lenses, I will show you my todays outfit!

Skyblue Blouse: C&A
Pants: H&M
Wedges: New Look
Vintage Bag: Second Hand Shop, Hamburg
Accesoires: H&M, Second Hand, No Brand

And these are my new Circle Lenses! They have such a beautiful colour that matches perfectly to my natural eye colour and give my eyes that cute doll like look! We ordered 3 pairs of lenses there, so we got the shipping for free. I just paid 20€ for them and can use them for 1 year now.


The lenses came in those little bottles and I ordered a pair with vision because I normally wear glasses or natural lenses. The left lens has 4.00 diopter and the right one 3.75.

 All was packed in this cute fluffy animal printed pouch. They also send a lens case and a coupon with 15% for the next order.

I really can recommend! They are really fast with shipping (we waited only 1 week!) and their lenses are really confortable to wear!

I also bought a new make up foundation today. I chose the Catrice Photo Finish Liquid Foundation in the brightest colour 010 Sand Beige. I really like the high covering power but I´m a little afraid of the colour. I hope that it´s not that dark for my skin. It had cost 6.50€.

 I also bought new tweezers in a drugstore. Its shape is even perfect for little hair in the eyebrow zone and it was had only cost 1.80€.
Hope you´d liked my blog post today!
Have a nice weekend! Bye~

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