Montag, 19. September 2011

Circle Lenses Tips and Tricks & Other Things

Hello everyone!

Today, I will show you how I wear my new Circle Lenses and which make-up I chose to give my eyes an extra asian doll look!

If you wear Circle Lenses or other coloured lenses, your eyes don´t need a lot of make-up to look beautiful. The focus is tend to your big, bright and colourful eyes, so a lot of make-up would damage the effect. 
When I´m wearing coloured lenses, I always just wear black eyeliner and mascara to give my eyes the special asian look. I only wear mascara on the upper lashes, so the effect is much more intense.

Today, I first wore a cloth because it was sooo cold outside! I chose my new Second Hand Shop one from Hamburg. I really love it!

I also bought new shampoo and conditioner from Herbal Essences. I always loved their shampoo, so I decided to buy the colour protection shampoo and the matching conditioner. Each of them had cost 2€.

In H&M, I bought a fake fur collar which you can wrap around your neck in winter days, so you can customize a simple black coat! It had only cost 15€!

Today, I wear a cool nailpolish by p2. It´s called "190 fancy" and it´s a cool royal blue metallic colour.


 Today, I bought my first crackling topcoat by p2, too. I really like the effect, so I tried it quickly on my latest nail colour. You can´t see it very well, so it´s much better when you use a brighter base colour.

I wish you a great evening! Good night!~

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