Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

It´s Party Time! - OOTD/FOTD

Hello everyone!

Today, I had to wake up early in the morning (7 o´clock -.-) because my brother had his confirmation party. 
At 9:30, we had to go to church. The church service last until 
11 o´clock.
After that, all the guests drove to the location we chose, to have lunch together. The food was very delicious and there were sooo much of it. After a little walk, we ate again! There were four such tasty cakes but almost all guests couldn´t eat a lot now.
It was a really nice party and I saw some of my relatives, I havn´t seen a lot of time.

In the morning, after I had prepared myself, I took some photos of my Outfit and my Make-up.

 Black Blazer: H&M
 Dress: New Yorker
Shoes: Deichmann
 Jewelry: Bijoux Brigitte, H&M, Secondhand

Bag: Secondhand (my boyfriend gave me this bag as my birthday present <3)

Eyeshadow: Catrice, 100 Welcome To Miami Peach, 070 Mr. Copper´s Fields
Kajal pencil: essence, 04 white
Lipstick: p2, 060 Nathan Road
Nailpolish: essence,67 JUST SHOUT! 

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

Gypsy Inspired OOTD 25/05/2011

Hello everyone!

Today, I wear my long Gypsy inspired skirt for the first time. It´s really confortable and I really love it.
 It´s such a perfect day today, so I thought I take the pictures behind our house.
There I also took photos of the cute little baby pigeons who have their nest in a tree in our garden. Those babies are from the carrier pigeon I told you almost a month ago.

Shirt: H&M
Long Skirt: Second Hand
Shoes: H&M
Clutch Bag: Fleamarket
Necklace: Fleamarket
Ring: H&M

such cute and beautiful baby pigeons!

Today, I hadn´t any school but I anyway had to go there because of the oral final exams in my secondary school. I did something like catering for the oldr students.
After my catering at 10 o´ clock, I went with my mum to Deichmann to look for some new shoes. There I found some wonderful plateau sandals in black with an wood inspired heel. They are so confortable even if they have alomst 10 cm.

At 4 PM, I will go to cinema to watch the new "Pirates of the Carribean" in 3D. I´m really excited because it will be the first film in cinema I will see in 3D!

Bye, have a nice day!

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Little Weekend Haul

Hello everybody!

Last weekend, I went to my boyfriend´s house. There we went to an fleamarket and in a local drugstore to buy a new goldish eyeshadow.

The fleamarket was a bit little but nice. There I found one beautiful necklace which had only cost 2€.

For eyeshadow, I again chose one from Catrice. It´s a golden brown with sparkels in it. I love it!

Catrice 070 Mr. Copper´s Fields

 Nailpolish: essence 590 "who cares?"

And today; I went to our new H&M here and searched for a sweet short jumpsuit with a nice pattern.
I tried a lot of those on and at the end I bought one.

Such a beautiful pattern! I matches so good to a lot of my accesoires and to many different colours I love.

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Little FOTD 17/05/2011


I´m going to show you my Make up for today.
Today, I wear eyeliner what I havn´t done many weeks long but now I really like it.
I also checked out my new Nailpolish which I bought yesterday. It´s a really strong shiny coral colour which I really love.
According to that, I chose a coral blush and lipstick. I wear a sweet 50s inspired pullover which fits to that colour, too.

Eyeliner Pen: essence
Blush: p2 060 charming orange
Lipstick: p2 060 Nathan Road

Pullover: H&M

Nailpolish: essence 22 What do u think?
Ring: H&M

Montag, 16. Mai 2011

~Monki - The Friends Issue~


I´m so excited because the new Monki magazine was in my postbox this morning.
I really love the layout, the images, the new clothes and all the graphic arts in it.
Monki always have a good taste in making their magazines.
The only negative point is that I´m not able to buy some things of them because the only two Monki Stores in Germany are far far far away from me...

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Little Shopping Haul Again...

Hello everybody!

In the last few days I went shopping and found some cute things in H&M, New Yorker and in two Second Hand Shops.

First, I went to New Yorker and found a almost blue-transparent blouse with a beautiful flower print on it.
I really like it because it fits to all my beige pants and shorts and the colours are like a burst of freshness, I think.

Yesterday, I also went to H&M and I tried a lot of clothes on but I only found one animal printed cardigan which was reduced to 7€!

 After that I searched for a new eyeshadow colour, so I went to "Müller" (a drugstore) and tried out some Catrice eyeshadows. I always wanted to try out their make up but in my local "Müller" they havn´t that brand.
At the end I chose "100 ,Welcome to Miami Peach" which is a beautiful golden peachy colour with a lot of sparkling glitter.

And last but not least my beloved Second Hand Shop Findings.
First a found a belt for only 1€ in a local store. This is my 5th belt from a Second Hand Shop in a few couple of weeks =D!

The biggest bargain I made is the following long skirt for only 9€! I always wanted to have a long ethnic folklore skirt but I never found one.
This skirt is a little too big but you can tighten the elastic band, so the skirt will fit me.
I really like the different colours and the beautiful print on it!

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Safari Spring - OOTD/FOTD

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, there were a fleamarket in my hometown like it usually is there. But that day, I didn´t find anything, so I only bought a personal organizer and the "Sweet Rose" Blush from p2.

In the afternoon, my father took some pictures of me because the weather and the lightning were so beautiful that time.


Blouse: C&A
Shorts: H&M
Leather Belt: Second Hand
Blue Croco Bag: Second Hand
Christal Ring: H&M
Golden Necklace: Bijou Brigitte

I also made a little FOTD to show you my new Blush and my today´s Make-up.


Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Mascara: see posts before
Eyeshadow: 020 morning dew (brown): p2
Blush: 020 sweet rose: p2
Lipstick: 130 Kö

Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Trip to Strasbourg / OOTD

Hi there!

In the last days of my vacation, I went two times to Strasbourg with my boyfriend.
On the first day, we went shopping and I found a beautiful coral colored blouse from New Look and a huge christal ring from H&M. 
You can see both of the bought things in the OOTD we took on the second day.

This day we found a great looking japanese restaurant in the city named "Le Kyoto". On their menu they had Ramen, a typical japanese noodle dish which is absolutely delicious.
So, we thought we can eat there on the second day what we also did.

and the end, it turns out to be a japanese restaurant being managed by Chinese people o.o

 Eventually, we ate their Ramen and it wasn´t that delicious like we know that dish.
Now, we know that we can´t trust "japanese" restaurants :D

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Little Second Hand Shop Haul

Hi everyone!

In the last few days I was in several Second Hand Shops her in my area.
There I found some very cheap but beautiful things I´m gonna to show you.
The royal blue crocodile handbag only cost 3.50€! I couldn´t believe my eyes, so I had to buy it.
All the 3 belts only cost 1€ each. I really like those because usually the belts in Second Hand Shops are too big for me and I´m happy now that I found ones which fit me.

The next post is gonna be about my shopping trip to Strasbourg with my boyfriend and there will be a OOTD.