Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Little Shopping Haul Again...

Hello everybody!

In the last few days I went shopping and found some cute things in H&M, New Yorker and in two Second Hand Shops.

First, I went to New Yorker and found a almost blue-transparent blouse with a beautiful flower print on it.
I really like it because it fits to all my beige pants and shorts and the colours are like a burst of freshness, I think.

Yesterday, I also went to H&M and I tried a lot of clothes on but I only found one animal printed cardigan which was reduced to 7€!

 After that I searched for a new eyeshadow colour, so I went to "Müller" (a drugstore) and tried out some Catrice eyeshadows. I always wanted to try out their make up but in my local "Müller" they havn´t that brand.
At the end I chose "100 ,Welcome to Miami Peach" which is a beautiful golden peachy colour with a lot of sparkling glitter.

And last but not least my beloved Second Hand Shop Findings.
First a found a belt for only 1€ in a local store. This is my 5th belt from a Second Hand Shop in a few couple of weeks =D!

The biggest bargain I made is the following long skirt for only 9€! I always wanted to have a long ethnic folklore skirt but I never found one.
This skirt is a little too big but you can tighten the elastic band, so the skirt will fit me.
I really like the different colours and the beautiful print on it!

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