Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Brand Watch: innisfree

Hello everyone!

I´m finally back with a little review on a innisfree nailpolish I got during my Korea trip in summer.

The innisfree shops can be compared to "The Body Shop" which we have here. All the products that they are selling, are on natural and organic bases.

So, also the nail polishes are all natural and without chemical essences.

I bought a petrol blue one, because the colour is such a unique and trendy one for fall.
Their nail polishes are really cheap as well, so I paid around 2€ for it!
Normally, nail polish smells really weird, but not that one. It got a pleasant fruity smell which I also really like!

P.S. Have a nice day and awesome Halloween!


Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

Autumn Collective Haul and a Furniture Tip

Hello everyone!

I´m back with a little collective haul!
It´s autumn already! I love this season with all its beautiful colours!

Last weekend I went to Strasbourg to go shopping and I found some cool things. I also bought some stuff at ebay and got some vintage pieces, too!

Today, I went to a fleamarket. In a big box with a lot of jewellery, I found this nice chunky choker like necklace. I love the combination of gold and that beautful coral. I only paid 1€!

In France, I went to Zara and found this awesome coat! I love its fit and its elegant design. It was kind of expensive, I paid 130€, but it´s totally worth it.

I also went to Kiko which is an italian make-up brand. There, I found this awesome nude colour with a apricot touch. I paid 2.50€!

This nailpolish is really awesome! It´s a black colour with tiny lilac sprinkles in it. Absolutely awesome for autumn/winter for only 1€!

On ebay, I found this awesome chunky vintage belt from England! I got it for only 14€ including shipping. I had to bring it to a cobbler who made some more holes in it, so it fit me perfectly.

I also got two maxi skirts from an ebay shop in China. The black one was about 5€ and I got the red one for around 7€. They are slightly different as I wanted them to be, but after I washed and ironed them, they are good to go. 

As furniture tip, I want to show you my new couch I got from Ikea. I love its simple but stylish design! I decorated it with some vintage pillows I got at a thrift store!

Hope you´ll all have a great weekend and a great beginning of next week!

Love, Julia.