Freitag, 23. September 2011

パルティのバニラベージュHair Colour & a tiny Goodbye-Germany Haul!

Hello everyone!

Today after school, my boyfriend came to my house and I dyed his hair with パルティのバニラベージュHair Colour ( Palty Hair Colour - Vanilla Beige). 
We were a bit excited because we never tried foreign hair dye before. After mixing the colour with all the things which were in the package, I applied it easyly on his hair. After 30 minutes of waiting, he washed it out and took the protection oil which was in the package as well.
His hair looks great, I think, but on the following two before-and-after photos you can only see a little difference. The colour had perfectly bleached his roots and gave his hair a beautiful caramel beige colour!



We also went to our beloved second hand shop here in my town and I found something gorgeous! I bought a beige boyfriend blazer which fits me perfectly! It had only cost 6.50€!

A few days ago, I also bought a little beige belt with a golden clasp. It´s from sale at New Yorker and I only paid 3€ for it! I think this belt will be great as a waist belt on black dresses!

Have a great evening! Good night!~

P.S: From Sunday until next Saturday, I will be in Vienna, the capital of Austria, with my school. So, I won´t be able to post anything here, but I will write a blog entry after my trip! I hope I will find a lot of vintage things and that I will have a great time there!

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