Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Start of my last year in School! & New Nailpolish

Hi everyone!

This monday was the beginning of my last year in secondary school!
Now I have to learn for my final exams which are in March, so they are only 7 months left! I´m really nervous...
I have to write 4 exams. One in "German", "Maths", "English" and "Art"
There will also be a oral exam after that but I hadn´t to decide yet which subject I´m gonna choose.

So, today I went to town with my mum. We went to some drugstores and to H&M but there, I didn´t found something.
I just bought a new Catrice nailpolish from their new Limited Edition "Bohemia".
It´s a warm mud brown with a beautiful golden sparkle in it. I thought that this colour is perfect for Autumn.
I just paid 1.30€ instead of 2.50€ because I had some little coupons from that drugstore.

Hope you can see the beautiful colour well even though my camera isn´t that good!

Have a nice evening! Bye!~

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