Samstag, 10. September 2011

Circle Lenses & Korean Style / Tiny Haul

Hello everyone!

Today, I wore my green Circle Lenses I bought at the beginning of this year.
I bought them in the "ANGEL SERIES"  on I havn´t worn them many months but you can use them for 1 year!

Last evening, I thought that I could try a korean-girly-style inspired Make-up and Hairstyle, so I dug out the contact lenses the next morning and started to make this look. That´s the result! Hope you like this look!

Yesterday, I bought this limited eyeshadow duo from essence. It´s from the "50´s Girls reloaded" LE which isn´t  for sale anymore. I got this reduced in my local drugstore for only 2.45€! One colour is a beautiful sparkling golden beige and the other a dark royal blue. I really like those colours!

I got this dress yesterday in a new shop in my town. They had a lot of great clothes and I decided on this cute winter dress. It has cute puff sleeves and had cost 24€.

Last but not least, I got this cool leather belt in a second hand shop here. It had only cost 1€!

Have a great evening! Bye!~

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