Montag, 5. September 2011

FOTD / Favorite Nailpolish ♥

Hi there!

Today, I went to Offenburg with my mum and my brother to go eating at a delicious chinese restaurant and to go "shopping". 
Yeah! I didn´t find anything! Ok, Offenburg isn´t a big city but I always have found something little there.
Since we have a H&M in our city, there aren´t many more other shops where I can go in this other city! H&M is one of my favorite clothes shop, so I find mostly all of my clothes in my little city!

Because of that, I´m happy that I will go to Strasbourg on Wednesday with my mum, because this city is much more bigger and there are a lot of great shops!

For today, I can only show you my Make up in combination with my new beloved nailpolish from the new p2 Autumn/Winter collection. It´s a warm brick red with a nice brown shimmer. I really love that colour and I´m curious to see if the nailpolish will last 8 days on my nails without crumbeling like the ad says.

I also bought my first two green make up thing. I ever had! I thought, it matches great to my eye colour, so I decided to buy a green khaki eyeshadow from essence which was reduced to 0,95€ and a forest green kajal pencil from Catrice which was also reduced to 1.95€!

essence eyeshadow, "27 Love Talk"

Catrice Kajal Designer, "110 Deep Forest Green"

p2 last forever nail polish, "052 Goodnight Kiss". Picture on our balcony in sunlight.

 Picture in my room.

 I also have a FOTD for you in which I used the khaki eyeshadow. Hope you like it!

Have a nice evening! Hope you liked my "non-shopping Haul" blog post! Bye!~

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