Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

Little Haul 15/06/2011

Hello everyone!

Today, I went shopping with my boyfriend in Freiburg and I found some really cool things.
The first shop we went was the LUSH Shop there. I searched for a new soap because my "Ring of Roses" which I really love is going to vanish, so I need a new one.
This time, I bought "Honey, I washed the kids" which smells like honey and sweet caramell. 
They always give free samples if you buy something there, so that time I got a fixed shampoo called "Seanik" which is  for thin hair.

After that, we went to a pound shop, here in Germany we call this a "1-Euro-Laden".
There I found some ethno inspired earrings which I really like. They are a little heavy but it´s ok.

Yesterday, my best friend Renée gave me a beautiful coloured lipstick her mother brought from Munich.
This lipstick is from an italian brand called "Gipiccos". I never heard of it but the colour is really pretty.

Have a nice evening!~ Bye!

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