Freitag, 19. August 2011

H&M Magazin Autumn 2011

Hi there!

Today, I will show you some screenshots of the newest H&M Magazine I got yesterday in my local store for free.
I really like their magazines because they always have a great design and interessting articles.
In this magazine, H&M shows the new autumn collections and the new trends for this season.

There´s also an article written by Susie Bubbles who is one of the best known fashion bloggers in the UK. She shows us the best fashion and vintage hotspots in East London and the best places and bars to hang out.

In this magazine are 3 big photoshoots,too. In each of them, H&M presents the new autumn trends in trendy locations with cool models.

Have still a nice day!~ Bye!

P.S.: I almost forgot to say that I died my hair on Tuesday! The result is great I think because the colour didn´t changed my previous hair colour but rather refreshed it, exacly how I wanted it to be!

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