Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Open Sunday & Fleamarket Findings / Mum´s Giveaway

Hi everyone!

Today was a "Open Sunday" here in my region, so my boyfriend and I went there to go shopping. There were such a growd of people, so we decided to look through all the shops we wanted to go and then go for a little walk.
Accidentally, we found a little fleamarket where I bought a elegant long necklace.

I really like this golden pearl necklace. It´s one of my first long necklaces because I always wear short and heavy ones. It´s from this fleamarket and I only paid 1€ for it!

In a drugstore, I bought my first "expensive" nailpolish. It´s from "anny" and is called "369 green racing drag". It´s a beautiful warm forest green colour which is perfect for the autumn/winter season. It had cost 10€.

My mum cleared out her make-up case today and found those creamy eyeshadows. She never used them a lot, so she gave them to me. I really like the two colours. The first one is a shimmery purple brown and is called "50 sterling rose". The golden bronze one is called "60 antique bronze". I think that these eyeshadows are also perfect as a base colour for eye make-ups. 

Hope you´d liked my little haul! Bye!~

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