Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Collective Haul!

Hi everyone!

Finally I´m back with a little collective Haul!

This week was really busy and I had a hard schedule! 
I was just about to write an application for employment in a big publishing house here in my region! I´m so excited! This week, I will go to the photographer to take an application photo for that. I don´t know what to wear yet!

I didn´t buy a lot of things in the last few weeks but there were anyway some cool items.

First, I needed to buy a new winter coat. I used my old black one for more than 3 years and I wanted to have a golden beige one. I went to H&M because they always have the best ones, I think.
I decided to buy a golden brown one which is shaped like a trench coat. It´s a really warm and comfy coat and is made out of 60% of wool. I paid only 40 € which is a really good price for a winter coat.

Yesterday, I went to Freiburg with my boyfriend to go shopping. There we found a little tea shop which had a bunch of different types of teas.In winter times, I really love to drink tea, especially green, white or black teas. I decided to try out a "Kusmi Tea" which is one of the best french blend teas. 
I bought "Anastasia" which is a Russian blend tea of China and Ceylon teas with scents of bergamot, lemon, lime and organge blossoms. I´m excited to try it out!

Last Friday, my friend Naomi gave me some beauty items which her sister gave to her. She works for a drugstore and once a year the shop assistants get some beauty product which are running out of stock.

I decided to take this things:
Thank you, Naomi!
  • p2 "3D PrettyLace" Nail Sticker in "030 Pretty Lace"
  • p2 "Nailpolish" in "510 Virgin"
  • p2 "Lip Cream" in "Rita Hayworth"
  • p2 "Lipstick" in "030 Stylish" (LE)
  • p2 "Lipstick" in "060 Nathan Road" (Back-up)
  • Manhattan "Lipgloss" in "52D" (LE)

Finally, I want to show you my new nailpolish from "ANNY" "369 green racing drag" on my nails. I simply looooove the colour! It´s exactly what I wanted to have! 

Hope you´d liked my little collective Haul! Good night!~

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