Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

New Hairstyle & Favourite Movie ♥

Hi everyone!

After a little break, I`m back with a little blog post!

I washed my hair yesterday and thought, I could try a new hairstyle, so I blowdried my hair and did nothing more! I really liked the result, so I decided to do that hairstyle more often.

Yesterday afternoon, I went shopping with my friend Renée and in the evening, we watched "Coco Chanel - Der Beginn einer Leidenschaft" which is a film based on Gabrielle Chanel´s alias Coco Chanel´s biographie. I really love the film and of course Audrey Tautou which plays the main role. I really can recommend that movie!

I bought this beautiful ring from H&M. I love the colours and I think, the ring looks like it had cost more than 5€!

Some days earlier, I also went to town to buy some thicker pants for winter. I went to H&M and found those little high waisted ones in black. They´re really comfortable and warm. They had cost 30€.

I also went to my local drugstore and bought a new nailpolish again. I chose a beautiful rusty orange colour from essence. It`s called "64 be optimistic!" and had only cost 1.50€.

So, that´s all for today! 
Tomorrow, I will write a blog post about my latest second hand shop and fleamarket findings!

Good night!~

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