Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Vienna Impressions

Hello everyone!

I´m back with my Vienna impressions!

I went there next-to-last Sunday until last Saturday with my class. We went there because of a field excursion in my school and I was voted to go to Vienna. I had loved to visit London because of its bunch of second hand stores and fleamarkets but you can´t always get what you want...

We arrived in Vienna after a 12 hour train drive!!! I was sooo tired and the schedule started immediately after we dumped our luggage in our hotel room!

We started with a first own sightseeing tour but we had a professional one a few days later.

We also visited "Schloss Belvedere" and "Schloss Schönbrunn" which are two awesome pompous castles.

One day, we went to the two biggest graveyards in Vienna. They were enormous and one of them had such a surface as my hometown!

Another day, we went to Bratislava, Slowakia which was only 1 hour away from Vienna City. There, I bought two lipstick which I really love!

Every evening, you had the chance to visit an opera, a concert or a theatre.
I went along 3 times and the programm was awesome because Vienna is famous for its special and top-class stages!

The first evening, I went to the "Volksoper" to watch "Rigoletto" which is a famous traditional play.
On Tuesday, I went to the " Volkstheater" to see "Struwwelpeter" which is a famous german sarcastic children´s book. It was an awesome production with a gorgeous singer!
The last evening, the whole class went to the "Volksoper" again to watch "Wiener Blut". This opera is the most famous viennese one. The only problem I had with this play was, that I sometimes couldn´t understand what they were saying! The whole opera is spoken and sung in a viennese accent!
All in all, I can say that Vienna is an awesome and worth seeing town and I can recommend everyone to come there once if you don´t live too far away from there!

And now some pictures! 
I´m sorry because I only could took photos on the first two days! My camera broke just after the second day...

Hope you´d enjoyed reading my impressions entry!
Tomorrow, I will continue my Vienna post with a fashion and make-up haul!

Have a nice evening! Good night!~

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