Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Weekend Activities!~

Hi everyone!

On Friday, I had my regular japanese lessons in the afternoon and after that I met my boyfriend and a friend to go to my favourite Bubble Tea Store. It´s always delicious!

We went shopping in the city and found some cool bargains!
Here they are:

I bought this beautiful printed blouse at H&M. I love the horse pattern and I was happy that I could save 10€ with the sale price. I only had to pay 10€ then!

I also went to a drugstore to check out a cosmetic brand called "Rival de Loop". I was surprised that their products are that cheap! I decided to buy those 3 nailpolishes. I love the rosty pink, minty and the greeny blue colours! Each of them had only cost 1.50€! 

I also seperated out some of my jewellery and I found those awesome dragonfly and bee brooches in my cases! I looove them and I will wear them more now because they´re manufactured so detailed!

Today, my family and I, we went for a little walk through a botanical garden where all trees had those beautiful autumn coloured leaves. Just awesome and those colours are so inspirational, I think!

There also was this little cat which was sooo affectionated. I love cats, so I was happy that there was such a cute one. But as soon as I wanted to take a photo, the cutie left.

After that we also visited an old and shut down churchyard. From the 17th until the 19th century it was activated, so all graves and gravestones are soo beautiful! Such graveyards are always a bit creepy but I love them anyway!

Next week, I have a week free from school because of the autumn half-term!
How was your weekend and if you also have vacation, what are you going to do?

Thanks for reading! Bye!~

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