Sonntag, 9. September 2012

Japan & South Korea Haul!

Hello everyone!

Today, I´m going to show you my shoppings finds I bought during my 4 week trip to Japan and South Korea.

I´m really excited because among those purchases, there are a lot of very special and awesome bargains!

Hope you´ll like them, too!

One day, we visited Himeji, a touristic town where you can visit the huge and beautiful Himeji Castle. There we went through some shopping arcades and I found this girly dress. I love its combination in colours and I only paid 20€ which is cheap for japanese clothing.

We also went to Forever 21 and I found this chunky bangle with a two leopard head closure. It´s a great statement piece and I paid around 12€ for it.

On our last day in Japan, we went to Harajuku and Omotesando. We walked through the streets where High End designers had their flagship stores. There, we went to Tokyu Plaza which is a new department store for young people. There, I got those earrings which I really like. They represent THAT japanese style to me! Afterwards, we went to La Foret which is another department store for the younger generation. All of the japanese lolita and visual kei fashion brands have their stores in one part of the mall. In another part, I got this bangle in a little second hand store. Last but not least, we danderd through Takeshita Dori in Harajuku which is a meeting point for all the young people with an eccentric japanese style. There I got this awesome black faux leather platform boots. I love the design and its fit!

I got this beautiful smaragd green ring and those flower patterned short in a little vintage boutique in Gyeongju which is a town in the south east of South Korea.

Love the colour of the ring and its vintage charme. The shorts fit very well and they were not that expensive.

I got those beautiful earrings in a little shop, near our housing in Seoul, where only handcrafted jewellery was sold. I love the design, it´s chic but simple.

In Insadong, which is a trendy but traditional neighbourhood in Seoul, I got those handmade jewellery which exists only once! The nice shop owner made the jewellery herself and designd those earrings consistent with the bracelet just for me!

In Gyeongju, we visited the Gyeongju Folk Village, where tourists can get a glimpse of what the traditional handcraft is about.

There, I bought this blue green jade ring. I love its special colour and that I only paid 6€ for it!

Hope you´d enjoyed my collective asian haul and got a sneak peak of what japanese and korean fashion is about!

Next time I will show you some pictures I took during our stay in Asia.

Julia ♥

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  1. hey :) ich werde bald auch nach japan bzw tokio reisen :D hast du vielleicht ein paar insider tipps von dingen, die ich mir uuunbedingt ansehen sollte :)?


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