Freitag, 7. September 2012

I´m back!

Hello everyone!

I´m back in Germany!

I had awesome 4 weeks in Japan and South Korea! It was a great experience !

By travelling around, we discovered a lot of different places and different landscapes.

Within the range of beauty and fashion, I saw many new and different styles and gained a lot of new impressions!

Shopping is really big in Asia, so I had the chance to buy some really nice things which I´m going to show you within the next few days!

Among my purchases, there are jewellery, clothes and shoes. I also bought some presents for my family and friends.

This week, my apprenticeship, Media Management,  began! I´m really happy and excited about what will happen the next days!

Hope you also have a great time!

See you to my next post!

Julia ♥

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