Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Tschaikovskys "The Nutcracker" Ballet - FOTD 18/12/2011

Hello everyone!

Today, I saw a balett performance for the first time! I was so excited!
It started at 4 PM and I was so curious about how the stage and all the decoration will look like!
"The Nutcracker" Ballet is the perfect play as preparation to Christmas! There were such a really warm and solemnly atmosphere!

And now, I´m gonna show you the make-up, I wore. It´s really simple and easy but I liked the result! There are also some photos, on which you can see my today´s outfit.

Golden Eyeshadow: essence 50´s Girls Reloaded LE, 01 I´m a marine girl
Black Eyeliner: Catrice Liquid Waterproof Liner, 010 Don´t leave me!
Rose Blush: p2 mineral compact blush, 020 sweet rose
Natural Lips: bebe young care classic lip balm
miss sporty, 121 Big Love (consistend with the cardigan)

Black Winter Dress: H&M
Burgundy/Brown Cardigan: H&M (Sale: 20€ ->7€)
Belt: Second Hand
Red Leather Clutch: Fleamarket
Ring: H&M
Golden Nailpolish: Catrice, 650 Goldfinger

Hope you had a great weekend! Wish you an awesome new week!
Love, Julia ♥

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