Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

Christmas Baking! Time to bake some Gingerbread!

Hello everyone!

Today after school, I decided to bake some Christmas biscuits!
I decided to bake gingerbread. I never tried it before but I think the result is really great and delicious!

In the following, I will show you a few steps I needed to get this gingerbread or in german "Lebkuchen"!

First, the ingredients!

(A)50g sugar
175g honey
2 tb. oil
2 tb. water
(B)1 yolk
1 tbsp. cocoa
6 drops lemon oil
1 knife point clove powder
1 knife point cinnamon
250g flour
3 tbsp. backing powder
 (C)75g almonds
75g ground hazelnuts
50g citron
75g dried apricots (small minced)

After heating up the part (A), adding all the other ingredients of part (B) and (C).

Sprinkle your workplate with flour, so your dough will not stick on it and knead all ingredients together.

  After rolling out your dough, cut out your biscuits. They have to bake in your oven for 15-20 min with 175°C.

After baking, your ginger bread should look like this! Now you have to let your biscuit cool down. In the meantime you can melt some chocolate and make some icing to coat your biscuits!

And voilà! Here you have some delicious and home made ginger bread! You can now enjoy your bisuits with some tea, like I do, or with a hot chocolate or coffee.

Hope you´d liked my Christmas baking!

Have great pre-Christmas days!
Love, Julia ♥

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