Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

Week´s Over!

Hello everyone!

Finally, my schoolweek is over! Now I can have a relaxed weekend!
This week, I wrote two classtests which run quite well. 
On Wednesday, I went to Baden Baden to see the play "Kohlhaas" which is a famous german short novel. We´ve read that book in school, so it was great to see how the artists play it out. It was a quite modern production with only two artists, although they are normally a lot more.
The play was good but they left out some important scenes which was not that easy to understand at the end and that caused that the play ended after only 1 hour!

Yesterday, I also went to Baden Baden to see the play "Der Besuch der Alten Dame" ("The visit of the Old Lady" )which is also a very famous Swiss tragic comedy. We´ve also read it in school, so it was perfect to see it in a theatre.
This play was awesome. I loved how all the artist played and how the stage was decorated! They played all scenes of the book, so it was easy for me to follow. The play takes 2 1/2 hours which is quite long but I wasn´t bored one second!

To theatre yesterday, I wore my black winter dress from H&M. I really love it! I just pimped it up with some accesoires and black tights!
I took my hair to a sideway pigtail and just curled the ends a little bit!

Necklace: Fleamarket
Belt: Second Hand

Hope you´ll have a great weekend!
Love, Julia ♥

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