Sonntag, 11. August 2013


Hello everyone!

Tomorrow in the early morning, my trip to Amsterdam starts!

I´ve packed all my things and I´m good to go. Judging from what I´ve packed, one can say that I´m leaving for more than a week. Actually, I´m abroad until Thursday ;)

I´m really excited!~

I´ve seached for some addresses for vintage stores, japanese or korean restaurants or special museums before, so I can have a little overview because the city is packed with interesting places!

During my trip, I won´t post anything on my blog but I will take a lot of photos to show you the city afterwards. The shopping areas are literally everywhere, so I´m sure that I will also post a big haul when I´m back in Germany!

So, stay tuned for my blog entries then!

Julia ♥

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