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Trends: Fall/Winter 2013/14

Hello everyone!

Recently, the international ready-to-wear fashion shows presented the trends for Fall/ Winter 2013/2014. 

In this entry, I will show you my favourite ones via snap-shots of the current ELLE insert.

The biggest of all other trends is black and white fashion. You can see them everywhere in the fashion stores right now. I especially love the outfit in the leftmost position. It´s a knit dress from Dior Fall/ Winter 2013/2014.

Furthermore, black and white coloured clothes are also seen seperated. White dresses will look really elegant in the evening time and black is THE colour for fall/winter. Weather coats, dresses or shirts, black is everywhere recently. It matches to everything and never goes out of style.

Another big trend right now are metallic fabrics like lurex or other shiny materials. All-over-looks are awesome for evening occasions to stand out of the crowd. If you don´t want to wear a metallic look from head to toe, you can paint your nails with a metallic nail polish to accentuate your look for example. 

Opulent jewelry was part of many fashion shows. Mostly golden necklaces or bracelets standed out. Dolce&Gabbana was the fashion leader with chunky golden jeweled earrings or necklaces by far. I wear this trend in daily life with a simple but chunky golden chain necklace. 

Leather outfits are a great trend as well. All-over-looks can be quite excessive, so I will wear black leather biker jackets. Leather pants can also be a nice eye-catcher.

Every fall/winter seasons, there are fur coats on the international catwalks. There are amivalent opinions on fur.  For people who want to rock this trend but don´t want to wear real fur, there are a lot of great and reasonably priced imitations. Vintage or thrift shops also sell fur coats which are usually real but not "new fur", so you don´t support the fur production from today. 

Along with colours! Bright reds and cobalt or royal blues are awesome for the upcoming season. Dolce&Gabbana or Dior created outfits with red dresses or coats which are really wearable for the fall time. The bright blue can be seen in the stores by now. The two colours matches a lot of skin tones and hair colours, so everyone can add some colour to their outfits in this season.

Dresses and skirts are a worthy alternative for pants in the fall/winter season. Midi skirts are really popular right now, but the fashionistas couldn´t imagine a world without maxi skirts as well. Mini skirts made of a thicker material can also be worn with tights.

 Check printed clothes are en vogue in every fall/winter season. This time, there are some colourful ones like the pink one from Issey Miyake. Moschino, next to it, focus big prints which remind of Britain.

Ethno prints are really great for the upcoming season because they bring a lot of colour and different prints. My favourite is the dress wit flowers from Oscar de la Renta down to the right.

Along with the check prints, punk-ish fashion is on trend. Studs, chains, leather and other chunky materials were part of many fashion shows like Saint Laurent or Givenchy. To go along with the trend you can wear studded leather bracelets like the one I purchased yesterday in sale. It´s by Mango and I got it for 6€. 

The upcoming season offers a lot of variety in clothes and accesories, so there are trends for everybody!

Julia ♥

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