Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

Flair Fashion & Home Magazine - Review

Hello everyone!

Today, I will review one of my favourite magazines!

Beside "InStyle", the "flair" magazine is another one I read regulary.

"flair" combines the most interesting topics in one magazine: Fashion & Home.

In the following, I will go through the pages and show you the main parts of each issue and some of my favourite ones in this months edition.

The first topic is "Fashion". They show the latest fashion trends, news and little reports. I love that there is a variety of photoshoots, from a funky 60s shoot to a romantic theme to a classic simple design one.

The next big topic is "Home". The latest design and decor trends are shown, as well as apartments from designers like Elie Saab, architects or managers. Their homes give some great inspiration and show how you can decor your room in all the different ways with furniture or art of all decades.

The "Beauty" part shows what´s new in the make-up, fragrance or hair product world and there are also some nice reports or tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle. 

The last topic is "Culture Club". They show the news of the film, music and designer scene. 

As in every magazine, there is also a horoscope. This one shows one special fashion, design or beauty piece which matches to your zodiac sign.

The last page refers to a special street in one metropole in the world and shows some nice cafes, museums or shops which are worth to go to.

Hope you liked this review!

Julia ♥

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