Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

Collective Haul!

Hi there!

After some outfit posts, I will show you my recent shopping findings I purchased during a couple of weeks !

I got this YSL lipstick a month ago and I used it quite often recently. I like its soft texture and its durability. The nude colour is perfect for light skin tones and the fruity flavor reminds me of spring/summer. I bought it in a cosmetic store where I got 5€ off, so I paid around 25€ for it.

I also went through the drugstore lipsticks and I found this sheer coverage lipstick from p2. The light rose colour ("060- Fame") gives your lips the perfect shine. I paid around 2€.

To keep my lips nice and smooth during the summer, I bought the classic Blistex lipcare.
I really like the fruity sugary taste of it. It was about 1.50€.

I ordered these nude platform booties from an online shop called "Schuhtempel24". The shoes are really high (~15cm), so they are quite a challenge to walk in at first, but gradually it´s getting better and better. They had only cost me 19€ including shipping which is ridiculous for the great manufacture. 

I bought this ethnic inspired earrings in a little shop for only 1.50€. The vibrant colours will be great for spring/summer and will match great to a light wavy maxi dress. They also remind me of the Dolce&Gabbana Spring-Summer 2013 Collection with its classic italian chic.

In the end, I bought this great white tshirt with the funny print on it. Recently, I saw a lot of shirts with high end brand logos on it, so I thought it would be nice to have one with the Chanel one it because I really like this brand. I only paid 10€ for it.

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