Montag, 9. April 2012

My Birthday Presents & Thrift Haul

Hello everyone!

I´m back and something had changed!...
I´m 18 now!

So, I have a little birthday present haul and some other stuff I got to show you!

First, I got the "Miss Dior Eau de Parfum" by Dior from my mum! I already had chosen this scent before because I simply love it. Such a sweet and delicious fragrance perfect for spring/summer!

I also got my first two "Manhattan" lipsticks from her. I love those colours: a beautiful peachy coral and a pinkish berry colour (39C & 53Z)! They stay a really long time and are really moisturizing!

My grandma gave me a silver cutlery set for 12 persons! I was really happy about it because I think that such a set is a really awesome and handy gift for grown-ups for their future life.
The forks, spoons and knives have such a nice floral imprinting and are huge in contrast to modern cutlery! I love it!

My dad gave me this guidebook about Japan with all interesting and handy informations about this country! This summer, my boyfriend and I, we will visit Japan and South Korea, so it´s awesome to have such a guide. I love the book cover, too!

From my relatives, I also got some money to save up for my trip in summer! From others, I got H&M, cinema or book store gitft cards!...

...And I got a bunch of flowers! Awesome!

All in all I got awesome presents and my birthday party with my family was gorgeous, too!

This weekend, I went to my local thrift store to find some intersting pieces. All I got was a leather shoulder bag. I love its used look and that it has so many space inside. I only paid 2.50€!

After, I went to a fleamarket in my town and found a MCM München shoulder bag with two little extra purses and an extra handy/sunglasses purse! An awesome find for only 14€!

After all, I went to H&M to buy some jewellry! I got an awesome copper choker necklace and a ring set!
I love the futuristic touch of the necklace I got for 8€ and the 4 different coloured rings for 4€!

Hope you´d enjoyed this haul!

Now, I´m looking forward to get my order! I bought one pair of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita look-a-likes in brown leather!

I also register my self to ebay now to buy and sell some things! I already focus some rings and a bracelet!..

Have a nice evening!
Love, Julia ♥

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