Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2012

Hello everyone!

Today, I will show you the newest fashion trends for the next season!

I got some inspirational photos for this post from the latest German "Glamour"-magazine and from some commercial fashion shoots.

Hope you like this fashion forecast!

First of all, it´s clear that retro and vintage prints and clothes shape the next fashion season! There will be a lot of chiffon midi-skirts, pencil skirts, belly tops, feminine purses and sexy high heels in the following collections of reputable fashion brands but also in in the latest H&M/Zara/Mango...- collections.

"Black x White" is a fashion trend which will never get out of style! White is a clear and fresh colour and brightens up every outfit. Dark colours like black or navy blue will give your outfits a classy and casual finish. In combination to white it´s feminine and very chic to wear pearl necklaces or other accesoires.

Another big trend for the next season will be bright pastel colours, flowing fabrics and lovely flower prints. Light green, blue or rose are perfect colours for spring and in combination to silk or chiffon fabrics or flower printed accesoires a great eye-catcher.

In contrary to that there will also be more animal prints like snake, tiger or leopard. New items are tie-dyed clothes which are great in combination to wooden accesoires in Ethno/ African style.

Another awesome trend are silken cloths and foulard prints. Instead of only wear them around the neck or as a turban for summer, you can also convert them to dresses, blouses or to shoe covers. D&G have currently presented their new collection in which they used a lot of awesome foulard prints (see photos above!).

I also found some really nice commercial shoots which are very inspirational. "Emporio Armani" and "Chanel" did a great job with their retro fashion. I love the 50s and 70s charme of these photographs!

Hope you did like this little fashion forecast for spring and summer 2012!
Wish all of you an inspirational day tomorrow!
Love, Julia ♥

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