Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

Cooking Ideas : "Okonomiyaki" / Second Hand Finding

Hello everyone!

Today, I show you a great cooking idea!
At lunchtime, I decided to make some okonomiyaki which is a japanese type of tartly pancake with a lot of ingredients. There are a lot of different types of okonomiyaki, there a are some with seafood or bacon or some with noodles which are called "Modanyaki".

I had´t a lot of ingredients at home, so I only mixed flour with some water to get a sticky dough. Then I chopped some cabbage which I mixed under the dough. I added some salt and then the chopped chicken.

I cooked it for about 8 minutes in a pan until it got a nice crispy crust.

Then, I served it with some soy sauce, mayonnaise and chopped cabbage!

Yesterday, I had my japanese lessons in the afternoon and after that, I went to town to go to the secondhand shop. There I found this amazing shirt which has a nice golden pattern in the front. It´s a little too big for me, so I will wear it inside my bottoms or skirts. I only paid 5€ for it!

Now I have to learn for my maths class test on Tuesday, but before, I trink a cup of my favourite black tea!

Hope you´d liked this blog post!
Love, Julia ♥

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