Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Summer Holiday Preview 2011

Hi there!

It´s been a long time since I posted a new blog post because I hadn´t something special to tell you or to show you. 
Last week was a typical last schoolweek before the holiday starts. In almost every lesson we ate biscuits and cakes or we watched films, so I almost have holidays now!

From last Friday to Tuesday we have Project Days. The school offers a lot of different projects where pupils can learn something new and interesing. 
I´m in a group where you can model 3D- greeting cards. I think it´s really interesting and I can learn something I can need for future. At the last project day, the group will visit the "Museum of Modern Art" in Strasbourg, France.

Wednesday is our last schoolday before holiday, we get our school certificate and there will be a little church service which pupils will minister.

I´m so excited about the holidays because there will be 6 weeks where I can go in for a lot of differnet activities. I will buy a Holiday Ticket with which I can travel around Baden-Württemberg with my boyfriend.
I also will visit Luxembourg for one week. We go there to do cultural things like walking or visiting museums.

After that, I will visit Hamburg with my mum and my brother. I´m so happy because we will stay in a beautiful design hotel which is placed directly in front of the Alster River.
There I will go to a lot of different Second Hand Shops and maybe I will search for fleamarkets.
I also can visit my favorite shop "Monki" for the first time! 
I told you a lot of times that I havn´t the ability to shop there because they havn´t no online shop and the two only stores are in Hamburg and Essen.
The new Collection they have is really beautiful and I´m excited to try on all their clothes!

Hope you´ll have great a great holiday, too!
Bye! Have a nice day!~

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