Samstag, 31. August 2013

Weekend Cooking: Marinated grilled Zucchini

Hello everyone!

A healthy dinner doesn´t contain much carbs or better, none. 

That´s what experts say. 

So today, I decided to cook such a quick and easy low fat/low carb dish:

Marinated grilled Zucchini with garlic yoghurt dip

Slice the zucchini in pieces as wide as a finger and put the slices onto a plate.

Use as much olive oil and seasoning (e.g. povencal herbs, thyme, salt/pepper...) as you want and marinate the zucchini for 1 hour.

               A garlic dip goes great with the zucchini

       Mix 3 tbsp. yoghurt with a tiny chopped garlic clove                       and season with salt and pepper.

I also heated up some left over veggie burger. 

           P.S This dish is also a great healthy snack 
                   or a side dish to a barbecue!

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