Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Room Tour!

Hello again!

Today, I´m going to show you my room!

Recently, I rearranged it by buying some new furniture and decorating it another way with new things.

I really enjoy my new room, it´s really bright because of all the white!

Hope you also like it and maybe you can get some inspiration for your own room!

First, I bought a new dresser for my birthday. Like all of the new furniture, this commode is from "IKEA" and I got it for around 100€. 

It has a great hold capacity, so I could put all my purses in two drawers and use the remain one for my make-up case and other beauty items.

For decoration, I arranged modern and vintage pieces together.

 I really like the cristal bowl to put in my parfumes. I use the chinese wooden casket for all my jewelry.

Maybe I exchange the dark metal holders for glass ones.

I got this couch like half a year ago and it matches great to my new furniture.
I like its simple design and I emphasized it with three pastel coloured thrifted pillows.

I like the combination of the modern couch with the asian drawings, statues and chinese paper roll.

The newest purchase is this writing desk I also got from "IKEA". 
There is also this simple design which I really like.
I decorated it with this lovely mirror, I use to put on my make-up in the morning, and some fake flowers in a thrifted vase.

I also wanted to show you my book shelf. 
I keep there all of my fashion magazines, illustrated books, books and some asian figures.


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