Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Quick Tip: Tomato-Pepper-Pasta~

Hello everyone!

One week before my Japan/ South Korea trip, I´m back with a little recipe!

For lunch, I tried some tomato-pepper-pasta for the first time and they were really delicious. Yummy!

Here is my little recipe:

1. First, I turned on the heat to boil some water with salt for the pasta. Additionally, I chopped a little onion and two garlic gloves. I seared the onions and the garlic one after another.

2. After that, I put the chopped pepper into the pan and let it cook for about 3 min. The water boiled, so I added the pasta.

Afterwards, I added the tomato slices and let it cook a little more.

3. Then, I added some olive oil, some water and spices like thyme, oregano and basil and let it cook until everything was one compound. The pasta was al dente, so I drained the water.

4. I added the pasta to the pan and voilà! There you have a delicious quick pasta dish which tastes delicious! Hope you enjoy it as well!
To make it look more like in a restaurant, you can garnish your plate with some basil or parsley, like it did!

Have a nice day and a great weekend!

Julia ♥

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