Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

Let´s Shop for Vacation!

Hello everyone!

Today, I´m back with a little shopping haul!

I bought a few things which are going to be perfect for my Japan/ South Korea trip in August!

During that season, it will be extremely hot and rheumy there, so I need some clothes which go with that weather.

Here are some of my purchases and some things I´m going to buy!

Dresses are perfect for hot days, so I bought this awesome floral dress at H&M. I love the colours and its design! I paid 25€.

The next dress is also from H&M and I got it in the sale section. The minty colour is amazing and it was reduced from 25€ to only 10€!

I got this cute and girly straw hat from H&M as well. For hot days, it´s important to protect your head from the sun, so I thought that hat is perfect! I only paid 8€!

Yesterday, I bought this awesome light khaki dress in an ebay store from China. It had only cost around 12€!

I also want to buy that awesome mint coloured dress for only 10€ from the same shop!

I also fell in love with that bag. It´s perfect for traveling because it´s quite big. I also love the colour and the "Hermès"- design. It´s about 16€!

Hope you´d liked my summer vacation haul!

Love, Julia ♥

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