Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Collective Haul! ♥

 Hello everyone!

I´m finally back with a collective haul!
The last couple of weeks, I was really busy with school, I wrote a lot of class tests...

The things I´m gonna show you are purchases I bought in a month, I think. Hope you´ll like it!

First, I bought three of these awesome rings on ebay! They remind me a lot of the "Arty Rings" from YSL! They had only cost around 3€ including shipping!

The first one is a tiger´s-eye stone copy. Such an awesome glossiness!

I also love the colour of the green one. It reminds me of some kind of jade or emerald!

The third colour is this awesome turquoise with some little speckles in it!

On ebay, I also bought this "Chanel" inspired purse. I really like its look and this bag matches every outfit!
I only paid 8€ including shipping for this!

 I also went to H&M to buy some flat shoes. I usually wear heels but I needed some flats for spring/summer. I like these because of the little platform heels and that they had only cost 15€.

I also got this bracelet form H&M. I love the colour and its tight fit. It was about 7€.

I got this blouse in sale for 10€! I like its light fabric and its simple design.

Last but not least, I went to a fleamarket in my town. There I found this awesome chunky necklace for only 50ct! I also got a german "Elle"- magazine for only 50ct!

In my favourite thrift store, I found this awesome denim jacket which was originally from the "Zara" kids section! It fits perfectly and had only cost 3.50€!

Hope you´d enjoyed my little collective haul! Today, I´m going to town and on a fleamarket. 
Maybe I´ll find some other new stuff!

Love, Julia♥

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  1. ich dachte grad "OMG sie hat die YSL Ringe, und dann auch noch drei davon" :) !


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