Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

FOTD 03/12/2011 & I´m Ready to Party!

Hello everyone!

I didn´t post a lot in the last few weeks because I had soo much to learn for school. I also had an important job interview, so the time went by very quickly!

Today, I´m invited to a birthday party! I didn´t went to a big party for such a long time and I´m really excited!

This afternoon, I put on my make up which I´m now going to show you! I also wear my new short beige dress with little puff sleeves for the first time. I really like this dress and it´s perfect when it´s a a little colder outside!

Catrice Eyeshadows: "070 Mr. Copper´s Fields" / "400 My First Copperware Party"
Circle Lenses: Brown Angel Cirlce Lenses from
Earrings: Bershka

Nailpolish: essence "67 Make It Golden"
Ring: Forever 21

Dress: Podium, Best Emilie
Studded Belt: H&M (came with a poncho cardigan)

Yesterday afternoon, I went to town to look what´s new in the h&m store. There, I saw a beautiful dress which is made of different wild leather and leather patches. I think this dress is gorgeous! I costs 35€ which is good price for such a unique dress!

Have a nice and relaxing weekend!
And I wish everybody a great pre-Christmas period!

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