Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Little Trip to Freiburg

Hi there!

Today was my last schoolday before my holiday! And now I have 6 weeks without learning and going to school!
After the last lesson, I went to Freiburg with my boyfriend. 
There we went to a few shops and drank "Bubble Tea" in a cute and delicious asian restaurant.
"Bubble Tea" is a famous asian drink and can be compared with milkshakes. I got the exotique one with mango juice, coconut milk and ice cubes. The original one is with green or black tea and milk. All "Bubble Tea" flavours contain tapioca pearls which are made out of tapioca starch or pearls out of jelly in different flavours like mango or lychee. It´s really delicious!

We also went to a little jewelry shop where I bought a really cool and unique snake ring. I like its shape and how it wraps around my finger.

That was a really short blog post, but I hope you´d enjoyed it! 
Have a nice evening! Bye!~

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