Samstag, 16. April 2011

OOTD for tonight´s barbecue party


Today It´s time for a new Outfit of the Day. 
It´s really casual and confortable because tonight, I will go to a barbecue party with my friends!


Coat: Orsay
Striped Pullover: H&M
High Waist Skirt: H&M
Tights: No Brand
Shoes: Shoe 4 You
Shoulder Bag: Second Hand
Cloth: Second Hand
Jewelry: Vintage, H&M, from my grandma

Today, I also went to the city.
There, I found beautiful earrings, a ring and a book from the fleamarket.
Before I went to the city, I observed a beautiful bird sitting on the tree in front of my window. Maybe it´s a carrier pigeon.

 I got these from an 1€- Shop! I really like them.

I got this book from a book fleamarket. It´s from Pearl S. Buck, one of my favourite authors.
I already had three books from her and they also have such a beautiful cover.
Her books are about chinese or japanese emperors, their concubines and their lifes in the Forbidden City.
I really like such books.

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